Tuesday, April 24, 2012

STAND UP! ヴァンガード! The drama

Hello everyone, And welcome to SO IMBA!

Where we learn how to be a better cardfighter.

Today, I have a special treat for you, some preliminary information about the card fight drama, stand up vanguard.

Well, it is the first ever card fight drama in the world.

Would you like to know why?

Because its a REALLY DUMB IDEA!

No, really.
A card. Fight. Drama.
I thought a card fight vanguard comedy tv show was already enough.

Then there's already a vanguard English lessons airing on Thursday's.

Oh well, so on with the story!

Daigo, having graduated from Harvada University, returns to Japan, hoping to bring joy and happiness to the world in Japan.
Oe day, He sees a young boy, hiroki, being bullied in the park, and tries to help him.
However, hiroki is unwilling to open up his heart, and Daigo continues to try to help him open up, by following him home, Invading his privacy in his home as well as his school, where Daigo attempts to use hirokis home room teacher and school nurse to approach him.

One day, he happens upon the one thing hiroki has opened his heart to: Cardfight Vanguard, when Daigo finds one card outside hirokis room.
Hirokis only faith in himself was that he would never lose to anyone in vanguard (LOOOL CRITICAL TRIGGER SAYS HI YOU NOOB)

"no matter how many attacks come their way, or whatever enemy stands in their path, a vanguard Will always hold his heart high and continue to fight" ( errr no, the vanguard will die when you take 6 damage >.>)

Hearing these words, Daigo Starts vanguard to try to help hiroki open up and make friends
Hiroki, however, is also moved by how no matter how many time Daigo loses, he never gives up or wavers.

The two of them help each other grow as both people and vanguard fighters, until one day a poster for a vanguard tournament is posted up in the town.
Knowing the bully at his school would be entering, Hiroki signs up to settle things once and for all.

And so begins the story of Stand Up! vanguard!, a story of Bullies, parents, life as an elementary school child, parental neglect and abuse, loss of loved ones, university graduates who have tons of money and no job, 18 year olds who have graduated and are working as nurses, and CARD GAMES!(serious business).

Seem character background of hiroki(lol since nobody cares about Daigo, hes just there for... Well nobody quite knows)
He is a 5th grader
Two years ago, his mother passed away :(. She taught hiroki vanguard and always wanted him to be happy and do the best he could.
His father is a very busy salary man, with no time for his child. Parental abuse is not stated but highly implied (itou Akira seems to have a thing for parental abuse in his mangas and scripts, no?)

That's all for today

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  1. Well then I'm going to say that the Drama has more story than the Anime XD But that depends really...

    It seems to me that we have an actual plot and not just random hopping to places for tournaments XD