Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be comparing STAND styles versus CRIT styles.

Most decks out there run one of these three styles of trigger balance:

8 Crit, 4 Draw, 4 Heal
8 Stand, 4 Draw, 4 Heal
4 Stand, 4 Crit, 4 Draw, and 4 Heal

Notice the difference that some decks work better with more STAND and others with more CRIT.

Now, lately, the top decks seem to be playing more and more stand...

The reason for this is that certain decks run better with stand and others with Crit.

And, quite frankly, with 11k, 12k, and 13k Vanguards running around, games become longer and longer, which is the reason for the shift to making stand more powerful.

So, what decks prefer Stand and which decks like Crit more?

Well, first off, Critical Triggers means that the opponent effectively can take less attacks.

Hence, its best for decks that can be fast and hard, attacking fast and with high power, such as Fangs of Light build, or Royal Paladins of other styles.
Fangs of light has the strength of being able to create medium power lines... at MUCH faster rates, another point to take into consideration for the Criticals.

Styles that can generate high power lines in all 3 columns should aim at putting more crit, as it will bring the opponent to 5 damage faster, and burn through their cards at a faster rate.

Hence, Critical styles are better for decks that have LOW base power for their G2 and G3 attackers, but higher power for their G0 and G1s.

Clans that best fit this are Grand blue, Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin and Dark Irregulars(But they dont have many crit :(

Stand styles, on the other hand, require rear guards hat have a high attack power, before the stand.

A deck style that has many 11k or 12k attackers, such as Nova Grapplers, can fully utilize stand triggers, as even without a boost, their attack power is very high.

Clans that have a high front row power, but lack high power boost units that are stable fall into this category.

Clans such as Kagerou, Nova Grapplers, Murakumo, Tachikaze, etc

The other reason you would use stand is for a specific purpose, such as in Dimension Police decks for Miracle Beauty, and to increase the number of attacks so a specific few can hit the vanguard, like in Neo Nectar.

Ill leave you with Kai and his FINAL TURN!!!

And, as always
Thanks for reading


  1. mm good food for thought!
    May I ask were bermuda and the up coming angel feather clans would fall?

    bermuda I am guessing would depend on the style Ie raindear/Riviere or Pacifica correct??

    lastly could you give any insight/thoughts on my deck?

    Played six games in all " 2 for the match and 4 before after"

    Played against "nova grapplers/one game" "RP's,2 games" Kagero 2 games" "and Granblue 1 game"

    Lost my last game against a field of two soul saver dragons king of knights and two young pegasus knights that had been boosted my 6,000 each

    all in all out of the six games I came away winning 5 of them "granted all but one of my games I was at 5 damage,,,, but so were my opponent's and I still had options and a field..."

    Did not get to try out Top Idol, Riviere as I forgot to add here "as I just re-maid the deck when I got to the shop one hour before we started LOL"

    deck list is below.. "every thing considered,, deck still felt a little sluggish and of balance??" any thoughts??

    Grade 0’s=17
    Bermuda Cadet, Weddell X1 (starting vanguard)
    Drive Quartet, Shuplu X3 “critcal”
    Comical Rainie X2 “critcal”
    Cooking Caspian X3 “draw”
    Drive Quartet, Bubblin X2 "draw"
    Drive Quartet, Flows X4 “heal”
    Sleeping Beauty, Mousse X2 "stand"

    Grade 1’s=13
    Mermaid Idol, Sedna X4
    Blazers Pleasures X4
    Mermaid Idol, Ellie X3
    Mermaid Idol, Felucca X2

    Grade 2’s=9
    Top Idol, Aqua X4
    Mermaid Idol, Flute X3
    Girls Rock, Rio X2

    Grade 3’s=11
    Velvet Voice, Raindear X3
    Rainbow Light, Carine X2
    Top Idol, Flores X2
    Super Idol, Salem X2
    Bermuda Princess, Rena X1
    Top Idol, Pacifica X1

  2. Great read as always, Rauzes.

    But what about Oracle Think Tank?

    While Tagitsuhime can pretty much stand on it's own (literally), Silent Tom is the exactly oposite.

    I only use Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi as G3. So Tom/Tagitsu are my front lines most of the time. Since I use 6 Draws, I guess the split trigger formation won't work for me.

    I'm a little more addicted to 6 critical atm, but do you think stand would be better? Thanks!

    PS: On a side note, do you think a Mr. Invencible-Tsuku-Drawhore-LozengeRecicle.dek could work or would be an epic fail? Just a random idea I come up recently.