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Day 1 In the ghost house/ようこそお化け屋敷へ

Avast matey! And Welcome to SO IMBA!! Where we learn to be a better Cardfighter.
海賊共船に付け!ようこそ、毎日一緒に良いファイターを目指すSO IMBAへ

Today, we will be brewing with this card:

お化けのリーダー でめとりあ
Ghostie Leader Demetria

She has one interesting ruling with her first ability: 
Q3210 2017-03-02
Q. 複数のリアガードが同時にドロップゾーンに置かれた場合、1つ目のこの能力を解決した後、このユニットは能力を失いますが残りの発動した能力はどうなりますか?
A. すでに発動している能力は問題無く解決します。

When several RG are placed into drop zone at the same time, after reviving one unit and losing this 1st ability, can you activate the effect for the remaining RG that were retired?
A. As long as the effect has been activated and placed onto standby, you can resolve it.

You can combine her ability with hollow to revive a unit at the end of your turn, making up at least one additional Card every turn.

This means that you can have two hollow units die once at a time, but place Demetria's skill on standby twice, allowing you to revive two Ghosties. This ability to fetch back multiple units when used with Hollow is the powerful ability of the deck, but units need to be retired together, or at the same timing.

How it works: Two Hollow -> End phase, first one dies -> Place Demetria's skill on standby -> Second unit dies -> Place demetria's skill on standby second time -> Revive two ghosties by using Demetria's skill twice.

We will start with the decklist.

4 Leader of Ghosties Demetria/お化けのリーダー でめとりあ
1 Vampire Princess of Starlight Nightrose/星影の吸血姫 ナイトローゼ
1 Fabian the Ghostie/お化けのふぁびあん

4 Cremie the Ghostie/お化けのくれみー
3 Undead Knight of the Corrupting Sword (10k Vanilla)/汚らわし剣の死霊剣士 (バニラ)
3 Rambling Shade/ランブリングシェイド
2 Skeleton Cannoneer/スケレトンの砲撃種

4 Tommy the Ghostie Brothers/お化けのとみー兄弟
1 Jacky the Ghostie/お化けのじゃっきぃ
1 John the Ghostie/お化けのじょん
4 Quincy the Ghostie/お化けのくいんしー
4 Freddie the Ghostie (PG)/お化けのふれでぃ

1 Peter the Ghostie (FV)/お化けのぴーたー 及び お化けのまっと
1 Undying Departed Grenache/死さぜる死者グレナッシュ
4 Mick the Ghostie and Family (STND)/お化けのミック一家
4 Cody the Ghostie (CRIT)/お化けのこーでぃ
4 Jimmy the Ghostie (CRIT)/お化けのじみー
4 Rick the Ghostie (HEAL)/お化けのりっく

2 Pirate King of Redemption Dragut/贖いの海賊王 ドラクート
2 Ghostie Great King Obadaiah/お化け大王おばだいあ
2 Tempest-Calling Pirate King Goauche/嵐を呼ぶ海賊王 ガッシュ
2 Diabolist of Corpse Negrosonger/屍の幻妖術師 ネグロゾンガー
2 Mist Phantasm Pirate King Nightrose/霧幻の海賊王 ナイトローゼ
1 Air Element Seabreeze/エアエレメントジブリーズ
1 Pirate King of Secret Schemes Bandit Rum/暗躍する海賊王 バンデッドラム
2 Great Witch Doctor of Banquets Negrolily/夜宴の大呪術師ネグロリリー
1 Eclipse Dragonhulk Deepcorpse Dragon/蝕骸竜 ディープコープス・ドラゴン
1 Diabloist of Tombs, Negromode/墳墓の幻妖術師 ネグロモード

First up is the main unit, Demetria. As the main G3 of the deck, she demands you build around her and use her abilities to the maximum capacity.

While the first though is indeed to build a deck of all ghosties, the main reason to do so is between herself and Cremie the Ghostie.  With Demetria's on ride ability, it requires two conditions to always work: You are able to soul blast two  cards, and when you reveal until a G1 card, that G1 is a ghostie.

With these two conditions, if you notice, it is actually not required for you to have a ghostie G2 at all, as long as it is a ghost.  For this reason, while the G1 lineup is built around being all Ghosties, to secure a card no matter what you hit with demetria's effect, as well as to provide the required 10 ghostie count for Cremie, there is no requirement for what the g2 is.

For this reason, we have chosen to play Undead Knight of Corrupting Sword, a 10k vanilla, but GHOST type, as well as Rambling Shade, another Ghost.  Rambling shade, while being an 11k attacker, is also a G2 ghost with hollow, providing a large amount of synergy with the deck as a whole. Being a 10k interceptor is a nice added bonus, providing a total count of 7 10k intercepts together with Cremie the Ghostie for maximum defense.

As skeleton Cannoneer is extremely powerful, and a necessity to deal with opponents field while providing draw, and is mainly revived through your stride abilities.
However, cannoneer, despite being a hollow unit, is a G2 that is not a ghost. If you ride this, and demetria directly after, you will not have 2 Ghosts in the soul to fuel Demetria's ability.

This is directly countered, however, if you have a G0 FV that is a Ghost, can soul in in the early stages of the game, while consistently breaking even on card advantage. Peter the Ghostie.  If you are able to ride a G2 that is a ghost, there is often no rush to use the ability at all, as the deck doesnt play Dancing Cutlass for more card advantage early. Instead, leave it on the field to be killed or stepped over through Dragut's effect, retires, etc, and be revived when other units die.  Now we come to the backbone of the deck: Demetria's first ability, the one to revive units. 

According to how its worded, it doesnt care what is retired, as long as you can revive a unit with less grade than the unit retired.

This means that G3 hollow units become Cremie, to become 16k attacker or 10k guard on the next turn,
G2 hollowed units become Quincy whom become 5k guards for the next turn, and your G1 hollow can be converted back into Peter the Ghostie, whom will head to soul to become a draw.

This is the reason we play Rambling Shade, for being a G2 hollow unit. It can be hollowed to detonate, becoming a Quincy to guard next turn, but also counts as a Hollow unit for Dragut turns.
On Dragut turns, it also becomes an 11k attacker, perfect for forming a line with G0 Grenache.

Also, the massive combo with G Guardian Negrolily is still as valid as it is in the Nightrose deck. While nightrose uses its cost to revive a Mick or Cannoneer, the ghostie revived through negrolily also causes Demetria's effect to trigger, giving you not only one unit off of Negrolily which can be a 10k intercept through Cremie, but also if you sac a g2 or 3 unit, you can revive a Quincy, which can be used to guard a different attack.

Note that if you revive quincy though Lily's effect, you cannot use it to guard during that attack.

Vampire Princess of Starlight Nightrose:  Played for some reasons: Allows putting out Tommy the Ghostie Brothers early while maintaining stride cost in hand, while also being a free drop from the deck if you have all of your cost early.

It also synergizes well with Dragut reviving two units, as if you revive her with Grenache in separate lanes, you can use her soul blast ability to pull up a Quincy to act as boost while providing shield for the return turn. Grenache will counter charge back your cost, while working with Cremie or Rambling Shade to form a proper 21k or 16k lane.

Soul can be easily supplied through Peter the Ghostie, and once soul blasted, synergizes with Quincy's retire ability to be revived again while providing shield.

By leaving her as hollow, it allows you to convert her into a 10k shield through Cremie at the end of turn.

Fabian the ghostie:  Maximum synergy with Obadaiah. You can drop him with another hollow (usually grenache), to not only revive a ghostie behind V with Obadaiah's effect, but also revive Fabian as hollow as a 14k attacker through his own effect, which becomes a g2 interceptor at the end of turn.  If you drop Fabian through Demetria's on ride effect, you can spend some CB to revive him, and effectively get an attacker that either converts to a Cremie or Quincy at the end of turn for the defence.


In the situation you have no revival targets for Fabian's hollow on the ride (eg: going first, riding up), use Peter the ghostie to drop something and get that advantage flowing.

Another synergy with Obadiah
If you stride obadiah, and drop 2 hollow units, you can revive any ghostie normal unit to the field behind V, not only G1 ghosties. This allows you to revive fabian in order to pull up a 10k intercept on the return.

Cremie the Ghostie
is played because its the backbone of the deck. 10k intercept, 10k from hand, 16k beatstick without exploding at end of turn.

You need 10 ghosties but thats why you play so many g1 and g0 ghosties. You will hit that number usually by 1st or 2nd stride.

John the Ghostie
is useful for being a go-to call behind Nightrose. Extra hand cards is great as always, as long as you can sustain it. It does very similar things to Quincy the ghostie in the deck: become guard. Consider it a 5th Quincy.

As for strides, the main stride is Dragut. You will aim to do the play as described above: Revive 2-3 hollow units, containing Grenache if possible to sustain cost. Starlight nightrose is a great addition which allows you to pull up a third unit if you revive with two off dragut.

As such, 3 Dragut is played. You aim to use its ability 2-3 times in a row while maintaining board advantage through Demetria and Dragut burning things.

Negrosonger is another powerful finisher, but usually not a go to stride.

As always, thanks for reading, and may the triggers be with you.

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