Friday, April 20, 2012

Flame Seed

Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we discuss the solution to all your problems: Flame Seed Salamander.

In Kagerou decks, the main problem they face is Majesty Lord Blaster decks with Baromedes Stand.
(Seriously THE END is afraid of this and... Yeah thats about it)

Lets start with how your problems are solved in the Early game.

Now, the most annoying thing about Majesty Lord Blaster decks is their ability to Tutor ALL their Key Cards with an annoying little dog called Wingal Brave.

Which is awesome! So long as they dont draw Wingal Brave...

Wait, what? Its their STARTER? Oh that cant be right...

Now, Flame Seed Salamander is one of the two ways this problem is solved.

Flame Seed Salamander allows itself to return to the deck, if the attack hits the Vanguard, and retires a G0 unit, namely wingal brave.

Now, the opponent has a tough choice on your first attack. Regardless if youre going first or second, they will have to either guard the attack at full force, or risk losing their all important tutor for their combo parts.

With Flame Seed Salamander, you post an early game threat as much as Majesty Lord Blaster decks do.

To keep applying the pressure, Ride a Nehalem, and keep the pressure on.
If they have rode blaster Blade/Dark, they will only be 9k Power, so the added 14k Power poses a lot of threat, especially since you protected their wingal Brave attack.

Nehalem, actually, is a good card to combat MLB decks.
How it does so is that when you have a 10k, a Wingal Brave + Blaster Blade/Dark attack will only total 14k. If you have a 9k Vanguard, a 10k Shield will not be enough to potentially stop the attack.
However, with Nehalem, its a different story. Any amount of power pump will not be enough for them to break through. You have effectively shut down their deck! (Sans a sneaky Cross Ride on their part)

Now, in the Late game, Flame seed salamander has affinity with one card: Burning Horn Dragon.
The aim for Stand Triggers is to stand and pump that unit, giving it 5k, and to bring it to 5k More than the opponents Vanguard, so a 10k Guard can be burned, and that the attack can still pass if they open a trigger.

 With Burning Horn Dragon, it solves these problems, giving you late game pressure as well.

Mid Game, well, THE END handles that pretty well alone, so...

Until next time,

See ya!


  1. better retire it with gatling claw dragon if my opinion. just CB 1 retire G0.

    now what ur advice for the MLB fighter?
    MLB kind of hard beating kagero dote persona blast

    1. Gattling Claw X4 and Flame seed salamander X4 is standard nowadays.
      Besides, if you go second, you wont have any counter blast to use before its too late.

  2. what is goku blade? like i know what goku is, but why "blade"?

    1. Draconic Valblade, the kagerou unit with the same effect as Bridget/Lugan.