Monday, April 30, 2012

Extra Booster 3

I get the feeling that Kagerou, Royal Paladin, and Shadow Paladins will be getting only two cards in the extra booster.

Looking at the commons, it seems that Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin, and Kagerou are at the bottom of the list, preceded by Gold Paladin.

Of course, these 3 clans will be EB03/005,6, and 7, in RR/SP form to give these clans the much needed LIMITTO BREAKU to keep up to meta.

From this, we can see that The former big 3 clans are at the BOTTOM of the clan order, hence their Rs and Cs will be at the bottom of the number as well

Unfortunately, that leaves 1 slot for each of the clans, their new 10k Vanilla, filling up their slot for C.

well, that leaves R right?

Sorry, EB03/015 is the final R, and its already confirmed to be Wartimer.

Too bad, RP/SP/KG players.


  1. oh blasted I want more female Shadow paladin cards...............

  2. there still plenty of space, they just might make 1 limit break for RP/SP/KG and 1 trigger hopefully