Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deck Types

Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we discuss the deck types available at this point in time.

So, you want to know what decks people can possibly play?
Well look no further, because coming right up is the list of what styles of which clans are playable, and powerful enough to pose some sort of vague threat in the meta.

Some clans have several styles, which is where this post comes in.

We'll start with the so called "Tier 1", although it's not THAT much better than the other clans.

Tier 1:

Shadow Paladin(Phantom Blaster Overlord style)
Kagerou(Draconic Overlord THE END style)
Royal Paladin/Shadow Paladin(Majesty Lord Blaster style)

Tier 2: Basically everything else

Royal Paladins
- SSD + Baromedes Style
- Alfred + Baromedes Style
- Gancelot Style
- Fangs of Light + SSD style
- Gallahad + Baromedes Style

- Aleph Kagerou
- Amber Dragon
- Goku Blade
- Blockade(lol nobody plays this style evar)
- Vortex Megablast
- Blazing Flare Dragon(The burn build)
- Aleph Blazing Superior Ride
- Flare Whip Dragon
- Overlord Waterfowl

Nova Grapplers
- Asura Kaiser
- Cosmolord(lol nobody likes you)
- Stern Blaukreuger
- Perfect Raizer

Oracle Think Tank
- Full Moon + Amaterasu
- Scarlet Witch Coco

Tachikaze(Deathrex + Gigarex + Savage King

Dark Irregulars
- Belzebub + Eidel Rose CB spam
- Stil Vampir + No Life King Megablast

Spike Brothers(only 1 style)

Granblue(only 1 style)

- Machining (Much Stronger)
- Giraffa style

Bermuda Triangle
- Rainbow Reindeer
- Rivael
- Pacifica Beat

Palemoon(only 1 style)

Dimension Police
- Storm style
- Rain style

Murakumo(only 1 style)

Neo Nectar(Only 1 style)

And, that is all the decks available to play at the moment.

Just learn to fight all of these styles, and you will become an A Ranker in no time.


  1. how is kagerou a top tier deck? royal paladin can beat them anytime

  2. When your saying Baromedes, are you saying the Grade, the Grade 2 or both of them?

  3. Hey Rauzes, what do you feel about Gold Rutile-based Nova Grapplers? Is it bad or just not that good when it comes to other decks?

  4. To Anonymous: Have you read Dragonic Overlord the End?

    To Arc: I'm pretty sure he means the grade 3 Baromedes, which is insanely good, whereas the grade 2 isnt as hot.

    1. Yeah maybe, but the Grade 2 is kinda ok though

  5. Yes, precisely. Kagerou isnt tier 1, THE END is. To date, it and CEO are the only "Broken" cards in the game.

    Gold Ruthile Based NG is more or less the same as Asura Kaiser build. Most people use either 4 Asura/2 Gold/ 2 Death Metal or something of the same.

  6. And if someone is playing THE END style that is complete, and still losing to things that are NOT Shadow Paladin, THE End, MLB + Baromedes Stand style,

    I feel sorry for the cards.

    They deserve better.

  7. Which Alfred do you mean in the Royal Paladin Deck Style: Alfred Early or Alfred, King of Knights?

  8. Btw, can you clarify the only 1 style? cause I dont know which style you are talking about.

    1. Many clans have too small a card pool to play completely varying styles, like royal paladin, etc.
      For these, there is only one "best" style that is prevalent in the meta.

      besides, they are sub clans and dont really turn up in the meta anyhows

    2. And that is the question, What is the best style for those archetypes, it would be better to clarify cause it's not clear even for me

    3. Huh. Ok

      Basically Palemoon's only build that is meta-viable is one that utilizes Alice, Mirror Demon, and Midnight Bunny, the rest of the deck is to support this via soul charge, etc, or is complementary to the support, like Crimison/Turquoise/Barking Manticore

      OTHER than this, there isnt really a viable way to play Palemoon, BECAUSE of the lack of card pool. There simply isnt another engine to run, only variation on how to support.

      Murakumo used a conjuntion of Mandala, Zanbaku, and Midnight Crow/Million Rat. The differences are whether or not they run Zanbaku, how many, and thats about it.

      Spike Brothers have the same Dudley Dan spam + Juggernaut/Skydiver. Again, no card pool to really change this concept, except to Dudley Dan spam + juggernaut/skydiver AND Zaifreet.

      Grandblue, again, the same. Only revival spam for re deploying units, with either spirit exceeed or buskirk as vanguard and feeding soul to dancing cutlass.

      Neo Nectar only has the build in which they center on Squire/Gene line in early game and push for late game with Laurel and Trailing Rose.

    4. There's is no need for pale moon too have a bigger card pool. The card pool they have now is more than enough to take down the meta decks if used correctly. The only problem they have now is power (against dote/mlb/pbo decks).

    5. Sorry to trouble you, I just dont really know what the better build in a clan is hahah thanks a lot

  9. wat exactly is the dragonic overlord the end style? havent been playing vg for a while now, could someone enlighten me why this deck is so good?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dragonic Overlord THE END
      11k Power
      -(v/r) If you have a rear guard or vanguard that is not Kagerou, -2k Power
      - (V)If you have "Dragonic Overlord" in the soul, +2k Power(including the opponents turn)
      - (V)[CB2] Discard a "Dragonic Overlord THE END" From your hand. When this unit's attack hits(anything), you may pay the cost. if you do, Stand this unit(Twin Drive again)

      So yes, if you have played Vanguard in the past, you will know for a fact that having 11k power is MUCH better than having 10k power on the opponents turn, as you can guard easier.
      Having 13k Power, however, is completely bonkers.

      Additionally, any ability that lets you stand your vanguard AT ALL is amazing. It lets you do twin drive again, drive checking two more times, possibly giving more triggers

    3. I see, thanks! Also, could you show me how the deck looks like? I have a blazing flare kagerou, was thinking of changing it to THE END style now.

    4. Something like this:

      3 Draconic Overlord THE END
      4 Draconic Overlord

      2 Hiding Dragon Striken
      2 Dragon Knight Nehalem
      4 Burning Horn Dragon
      2 Berzerk Dragon
      1 Bellicosty Dragon

      4 Embodiment of Armor Bahr
      2 Kinlala
      4 Wyvern Guard Barri
      3 Dragon Monk Gohjho
      1 Flame of Promises Aermo

      1 Lizard Soldier Conroe
      1 Doombringer Gryphon

      4 Flame Seed Salamander(stand)
      2 Lizard Soldier Ganlu(stand)
      4 Gattling Claw Dragon(draw)
      2 Dragon Dancer Monica(Draw)
      4 Dragon Monk Genjho(heal)

      of course theres room to change up to add more THE END, less Nehalem/Striken for some more berzerk and bellicosty, change to crit instead of stand, blah blah blah.

  10. I'm basically a beginner at this game, and I'm interested in what a Tier 1 Shadow Paladin (Phantom Blaster Overlord style) deck would look like.

    Thanks in advance~

    1. Something like this

      2 Phantom Blaster Overlord
      3 Phantom Blaster Dragon
      2 Babth Cath

      2 Blaster Dark
      3 Masquerade
      3 Dark Maiden Maha
      2 Skull Witch Nemain

      4 Black Sage Karon
      4 Blaster Javelin
      2 Nightmare Painter
      3 Ma Grill

      1 Fullbau
      1 Doom Binger Demon

      4 Grim Reaper
      4 Abyss freezer
      4 Death Feather Eagle
      4 Abyss Healer

    2. Are there any specific strategies/tips/tricks/combos that I should know when playing this deck? (Kind of like how you said attacking RGs is vital for playing the MLB deck that you posted).

      Also the decklist you posted only has 48 cards if I'm not mistaken.

      and thanks for the fast reply~

    3. sorry. Missing 2 Arianrod

  11. hi rauzes. then how about your MLB+PBD build? is it still tier 1?
    your description in top is MLB build(shadow/royal)
    your explanation and opinion please^^

    1. My own MLB + SSD Build is definately not tier 1. Its designed in a different way than other decks custom tailored to my demands, to kill off 10k and 11k defense builds with few 11k rear guards, not to fight 13k vanguards.

      The two styles, Shadow base and Baromedes stand style are both tier 1.

  12. hey I was looking to hopfuly get some input on my bermuda deck. was wondering if you all could help a brother out

  13. Ahh well what I am working with know is below! (also I was unable to get sets of every thing I wanted from my 5 box's, as such I am missing about 13 cards!)

    cards that I am missing are these, just to give you an idea of what I am working with "have everything else though"
    Pearl Sisters, Perle – X3
    Pearl Sisters, Perla – X3
    Girls Rock, Rio – X1
    Mermaid Idol, Flute–X1 "have three"
    Top Idol, Riviere – X2
    Bermuda princess Lena X1
    Top Idol, Pacifica – X3

    Grade 0's=17
    Bermuda △ Cadet, Weddell X1 (starting vanguard)
    Drive Quartet, Shuplu X3 “critcal”
    Comical Rainie X2 “critcal”
    Drive Quartet, Bubblin X2 "draw
    Cooking Caspian X2 “draw”
    Drive Quartet, Flows X4 “heal”
    Drive Quartet, Ressac "stand trigger" X2
    Sleeping Beauty, Mousse "stand" X1

    Grade 1’s=14
    Mermaid Idol, Sedna X4
    Blazers Pleasures X3
    Mermaid Idol, Ellie X3
    Mermaid Idol, Felucca X2
    Prism of the Water's Surface, Miltoa X2

    Grade 2’s=10
    Top Idol, Aqua X3
    Mermaid Idol, Flute X3
    Girls Rock, Rio X2
    Snow White of the Corals, Claire X2

    Grade 3’s=9
    Velvet Voice, Raindear X3
    Rainbow Light, Carine X2
    Top Idol, Flores X2
    Super Idol, Salem X2

  14. hi rauzes!how many of the "perfect" guards should be played like barri, isault, gust jinn in a deck?mostly im thinking about the granblue deck im building!thanks in advance!

    1. Your standard number would be 3 null guard, but 4 is fine. 2 is pushingd it

  15. Cpuld you please send me a list with the M.L.B deck build?I have only decided the Grade 3s(2 palomides,4 majesty lord blaster,1 knight of conviction bors.) but i cannot decide which units to put in the deck from grades 0,1,2.So could you help me by sending me a list?