Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free Ride

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I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be talking about Free Rides!

What is a Free Ride?

Now, normally a Ride would give a -1 Card Advantage, as you take up one card in your hand to Ride.

Now, some cards will have some effect to give you those cards back, by either giving you draw or some other effect that will give you a +1 card advantage, without any cost.

There often are effects that will give you more advantage with a cost, but lets leave those out for a while.

Not all of these are 100%. If they were, they become too powerful. However, if you do fulfill these conditions, they become very powerful.

Now, most of the "Free Ride" cards are in fact G0 Cards.

The most common cards that are free ride are ones that call themselves to rear guard, becoming a 5k boost(or attacker).

They other form of "Free Ride" is a card that allows you to search out the G2 card, such as in Megacolony and Shadow Paladins.
This style allows you to generate advantage, in the form of a secured ride to G2.

Other than these, there are other forms of Free Ride.

One of them is the Gallahad/Tsukiyomi style, which will search the top 5 cards and potentially give you a free card. Although it does demand a large chunk of your deck dedicated to it, it provides a stable source of free ride.
It doesnt give you advantage as you ride, but instead give you the ride to you on a silver platter.

Another notable example is Alfred Early, one of the few Grade 3 units with a Free-Ride ability(any only a free ride ability)
When you ride Alfred Early, you can superior call Blaster Blade to the rear guard, an inherent +1 in terms of card advantage. Thus, if you have rode Blaster Blade the previous turn, you get a ride that essentially pays for itself. This is the power of Alfred Early(and that it can give you blaster blade's effect again)

The last example of Free ride is the Riviel chain for Bermuda Triangle. The G0 to G1 will allow you a search, and the G2 and G3 rides themselves pay for themselves if you ride in order, as they give you one draw each.

When thinking of card advantage alone, free rides are irreplaceable, but there is much more to Vanguard that just card advantage.

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I'll leave you with an example of how to properly declare LIMIT BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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