Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why im not posting

1. Not bothered
2. Too busy with girls/work/study/other games
3. In all honesty there isnt THAT much depth to the strategy of Vanguard.

There is the inital level, where everyones like "Whao what a lucksacky game"
Then theres "Oh look at this bottomless chasm of strategy"
And then theres "Oh I jumped into the bottomless chasm, and landed after 2 seconds. It wasnt that deep."

There is a hidden depth of strategy to the game, but its NOT THAT DEEP

Theres only so much you can talk about and discuss about strategy, as much of the game comes down to:
1: Good Deck
2: High Power
3: Double Critical Trigger
4: 6th Damage Heal Trigger
5: Psyqualia. Because we all know its not "Just in the Anime"

Saturday, June 16, 2012

15k Defense

Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing Agravain's Megablast.

Yeah. That card that you took one look as and threw away as because its a Junk Rare.

"CONT [V]: This unit gets Power +1000 for each of your «Gold Paladin» rear-guards"."

This is the most important part of Agravain's effect that I would like to call attention to.

Notice that it does not have the words "On your turn", like Blonde Eizel does.

People call Agravain a "Watered Down Blonde Eizel", but I dont think so.

With its effect off, Agravain goes from a 10k squishy to a 15k Defense monstrosity.

Let me put that into perspective for you.
With 15k Defense, every attack that is not more than 20k Power can be shrugged off with a 5k Guard.

What used to be supposed to kill you: Burning Horn + Bahrs, Baromedes + Kei, Sagramore + Gareth...

Becomes just big enough to become a routine attacker.

Now, the problem lies with getting up that 8 Soul.

Gold Paladins dont have such wonderful soul charge support. The best they have is Coongal and Agravain himself.

But, actually Gold Paladins have an unseen form of Soul Charge.

Crimison Cub, Kryph, has an effect similar to Llew in Royal Paladins. By sending certain units to the soul, you can superior ride, given certain conditions.

However, both are worded in such a way that you can, in fact, use the effect knowing full well you will be not superior riding.

Now, this would normally represent a loss in card advantage, just sending 2 cards to the soul, but with Agravain, you must realize that...
Once you have activated the Vendetta Berserk, every attack's saves you 1 card.

Thus, the faster you achieve the megablast, you can shrug off everything with no problem.

Yes, you lose 2 cards. But, this represents a 2 turn faster megablast, a 2 turn faster 15k defense, and... given they attack with 3 units, saving 3 * 5k * 2 turns. A whooping 30k worth of cards.

Re-riding Agravain just for the extra soul is another choice.

I hope you now see the worth in Agravain. 17k on the attack and 15k on the defense is crazy enough. A double crit simply means you can dedicate part of the deck/your play to stand style stalling.

Friday, June 15, 2012


So the new pale moon limit break is out, Rukie

Seem may say that it's effect is too costly, being three counter blast.

But do remember that Rukie will call into the rear guard one grade 0 unit.
This is where the pale moon stand trigger sky high walker comes into play.
By moving him from the rear guard to the soul, you can open one damage.

This significantly lessens the cost of the limit break, while upping your attack power.

Also, if you call out purple trapezist, you can send back either the g2 or g3 to call out sky high walker again, and send them back for opening one damage.

So, by using the limit break, it becomes a cb1 to gain 15k power, call two units from the soul.

Which is deadly.

Also, you might be able to use the effect again next turn!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Vendetta against Stand triggers

Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing why people hate stand triggers so much.

Well, if youre one to one to jump down to the bottom of the post when you first read it, I'll make this easy for you: You're playing them wrong.

In deck building, most decks play 4 Heals, about 4 draws, and the remainder 8 slots are fought over by STAND and CRIT triggers.

Now, the reasoning is that with CRIT, you have to deal less damage to defeat the opponent, but with STAND triggers, you have more attacks to defeat the opponent.

The reason why everyone things CRIT triggers are so much better is that they are applying the same thinking that makes CRIT triggers work best... to STAND triggers.

One crit that makes it in gives the opponent one more damage, meaning that the CRIT trigger itself, not including the 5k power, saved you one more attack of 10k/15k guard, which is massive amounts of advantage.

Stand Triggers, without the power, would stand the unit, and, the stood unit, assuming the opponent was of lower power, would only need 5k to guard that next attack. A gap of anywhere from 5k to 10k, right?

Lets take an example situation.
Your deck runs 2 Crit Stand, 4 Draw, and 4 Heal.

The opponent's 3 lanes:

Blaster Blade boosted by Toypugal.
MLB with 12k Boosted by Toypugal
MLB boosted by Maron
18k/21k/18k, for those who cannot math.
3 Damage

and Your field:
Empty slot, with Bahr Behind
DOTE with 13k, with Flame of promises Aermo behind. (17k/23k lane)
Empty slot, with Bahr Behind

And your hand: Wyvern Strike Tejas, Berserk Dragon, Hidden Dragon Striken, Wyvern Strike Gyuntul  Wyvern Guard Barri.
4 Counter blast open
2 Soul(not including Overlord)

Now, take a few seconds and think: what would you call?

If your deck was all crit, you would call out Berserk Dragon and Striken, as both would form the 17k lines you need to properly whack the opponent, and focus down the opponent's Vangaurd. Berserk would burn down the Toypugal behind Blaster Blade or behind MLB.

This isnt wrong, but this changes if you were playing in STAND.
Now, a lot of players who play in many STAND make the mistake of attacking with all of their RG before their Vanguard. 
If you were playing Nova Grapplers, where on Vangaurd's attack would wake up your whole field, then yes, this is a great idea, but not so great in our scenario.

Now, if you were playing in 6 Stand, what would you do?
In CRIT based decks, your attacks to rear guards would only be if they made lines that would force a 15k or more guard.
However, in STAND decks, you could harass the rear guard lines that only called for a 10k Guard, giving you more and more ability to guard.

In stand type decks, if you harass the 18k lines enough, they will eventually break, making them lines that either are not attacking, are a 5k guard, not able to attack you at all!(Wonderful!)

With this hand, you have several options: A Tejas, a 10k, a pinpoint removal, and a Gyundul, which will stand and attack for 11k.

So, what I would do would be to call out the Tejas and the Berserk Dragon, and Burn the Toypugal behind the MLB.
I would attack with Tejas and Bahr attacking the rear guard MLB.
I do this because the Blaster Blade 18k line is dependant on the RG MLB to become 18k. That, and if I stand the Tejas, I could potentially break the easiest access to 18k lines: 8k Boosters.

The next thing to do? Attack with DOTE, boosted by Aermo, without using Aermo's effect.
This is 17k. You dont quite need to push the 23k yet, as the opponent can willingly take the damage. You are already hitting for 15k guard.

IF you got one stand trigger, pump up the Berserk Dragon, and Stand Tejas.
If you got a second stand trigger, stand Bahr and pump up Tejas.

IF you got a DOTE followed by a stand trigger, by some miracle, you could stand up the Aermo behind the Vanguard, and attack for 28k. Crazy.

Now, why didnt we attack with Berserk Dragon first? Couldnt we stand that and gain another attack?

The reasoning behind this is that yes, you get another attack, but how effective was that one attack?
It was pretty useless. 14k? 13k? 5k guards.

However, since Berserk Dragon had a nice 10k line formed, pumping another 5k there would force a 15k guard, making the attack go through, no?

Tejas already has a nice attack target, so theres no real need to give more power there.

Ok. Continuing on the situation.
Lets say a very reasonable situation occured: They perfect guarded the DOTE attacking the Vanguard(Who wouldnt?) You only get 1 Stand because you dont have psyqualia. You drive check Burning Horn Dragon

Now, the opponent is still at 3 Damage, so you use your 8k Tejas to whack Maron, and use Berserk to push in the 4th damage.

Now, assuming the Tejas's attacks hit(Guarding the MLB would be a waste, Maybe not the Maron.)
So, although you only got 1 Damage through this turn, you effectively wasted the opponent's entire field.
Whether or not the opponent can mount a proper counter attack is entirely dependant on their hand. It is highly unlikely that their hand would be good enough to be able to deploy units while having the threat of instant death Via Overlord THE END hanging over them.

Guard. 5k intercept. Guard. 10k. Guard... wait cant touch this? Aww cry more. 

As you can see, by using Stand properly, you can easily ensure your own survival more than the opponent's death.

Just remember that you CAN attack rear guards, and attacking the Vanguard only is not always the best choice.

And, as always, thanks for reading.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Deck Not keeping up...

Yeah so recently Im being steamrolled over several times per day.

I really felt like my deck wasnt keeping up with me.

But maybe, It was me who was unable to answer to my cards.

Saturday, June 9, 2012



I tried it once.

I hated it so much, I actually considered re-starting Yugioh.


Its that bad.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back to Basics

Hello All, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing Fundamentals.


People act as if the game of Cardfight Vanguard is a complex and difficult game, which is why some people who know how to play win, and some who dont play well dont.

Its not.

Repeat after me.

It. Is. Easy.

In games such as Magic the Gathering and Yugioh, where things happen left and right and you dont know whats going on, yes, it is quite complex.

However, the Beauty of Vanguard is its simplicity.
Seriously. A game where you only can RIDE and CALL, is it that hard?

I'd like to liken Vanguard to Basketball.

Simply put, strong players are only strong because they have their Fundamentals down, and use them.

Unlike a game such as MTG, In Vanguard, you can go and probably will grow from Rank F to Rank B+ Entirely on the basics of the game!

So, take a good moment to go back to the basics.

Guarding properly, Power Lines, Riding properly, and proper placing of triggers.

Try going back to the basics for a while. Throw away all your fancy plays and tricks, because these dont win.

Power lines, Guarding, Riding, Trigger Checks.

Focus on knowing your matchup.
If youre facing a 10/11k Clan, make 20k lines and dont plop out so many weak boost units.

If youre facing a MLB, Make 17k lines as constant as possible.

If youre facing a DOTE or PBO, make 18k lines as constant. Save your 11k Attackers for the Function 7k boost. Put 10k in front of 8k.
Easy things, simple things.

Think about how much damage you have.
Guard with as little as possible hand each turn, but also to minimize the amount of damage you take.

Dont ride a 8k G2, Dont ride a 10k when the opponent has 3 20k lines, etc.

People, simple stuff like this wins games.
Simple stuff like this makes the difference between a player who only lucks out his wins and one who can trample everyone.

Basics. Review them.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rauzes has gone AWOL

Rauzes has gone AWOL due to exams.

Please check back here in 2 weeks time for any updates on his survival.

In the mean time, please enjoy the following blogs:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Spectral Halberd

Ciao a tutti, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing Spectral Duke Dragon... 's two play styles.

Spectral Duke Dragon's ride chain has two effects, one from the ride chain itself, and one from Spectral duke's limit break.

Now, Spectral Duke's limit break has the same cost as Damned Charging Lance from Phantom Blaster Dragon.

Is it better?
yes. yes it is.

Lets calculate!
Lets say you boost with 8k, and both are 11k power.
For Phantom Blaster, you have to feed during the main phase, pumping him up to 29k attack and 2 crit.
If the opponent is 11k, that means theyll throw 25k guard total, or a null guard.

For Spectral Duke, when you attack first, its 15k guard(2 triggers to hit), followed by him using his limit break, standing, and attacking again.
Assuming you got 0 triggers and did not put power to Spectral duke, which you should have(but stand/crit to rear guard), that would be 10k to guard.
Hence, Spectral Duke burns out 25k Guard MINIMUM, and avoids the null guard problem.

Phantom Blaster Dragon, however, has Phantom blaster overlord so its still tier 1 imbaness.

However, one time you must keep in mind is that losing 3 rear guards, no matter what stage in the game, is a heavy cost, so either effect it is best to use only once.

The second effect is the Ride chain.
When you ride G2 and G3 of the chain, by retiring one rear guard, you may call the top 2 cards of your deck(if the deck is all GP).

Hence, by sacrificing one card, you gain 2 RG. By sacrificing one of those, you gain another 2.
So, you gain 2 Rear guards for no cost(almost)

Using this effect, you can either get a bunch of boost units in early game, and start pushing in damage, or have out several G2 and G3 attackers easily.
And lets hope the opponent doesnt be on the receiving end of G2 Ride -> Call 2 Manawydan/Gigantic Destroyer.

Now, this does come with the risk. The risk of calling weak G0 triggers.

My advice, however, is to just call these guys out.
Although your deck trigger count is lower, triggers in the deck represent "potential" power, whilst cards on the field are outright THERE, and doing stuff for you already.

Like I mentioned before in Rush VS Control, early game 5k boosts are really powerful, but they just suck late game, need to be retired to replace, and hence would represent a loss in advantage.

You could retire them to fuel certain effects, such as Granblue, Phantom Blaster, and Spectral Duke.

Now, there are two ways to utilize Spectral Duke's limit break effect.

The first way is how most people are thinking of using it: To push damage/burn out hand in either an attempt to Final turn, or to set up for it.

In this style, people would play 6 crit/6 draw.

Since its pretty obvious how to use it, and I'm sure many of the other blogs you are reading are talking on and on about how imba it is, lets skip that.

Basically, you will see when you can limit break, identify which units you want to consider killing, and just go and attack Rear guard first, then vanguard, use limit break, killing the 3 rested, drive check again, and then attack with the trigger pumped final unit.

If, for instance, your enemy is at 4 damage, make your rear guard have critical up in order to force as many hand cards as possible, to set up final turn. dont bother trying to finish off the enemy by sticking trigger to the Vanguard(unless they no Guard, in which case they are really asking for it)

The other way of using Spectral Duke's ability is to re-construct your field.

In the early game, lower power lines are needed. Most G2 vanguards are only 9k, so in early game damage pushing, its nice to have 19k lines(Manawydan boosted by 7k, etc.)
However, once you get to G3, most units are 11k already, if not more.

Since you dont want to sacrifice units to replace them (most of the time, just a bad play), the trick is to control and attack the opponent until your hand has enough cards to replace the units you want to replace, or most of them, then limit break, kill off the weak, and replace your field and continue burning cards the next turn.

This works well if you superior call/normal call a bunch of triggers from Wortimers effect, etc.

For instance.
your field is:
Manawydan, Spectral Duke, Valkyrie(8k)
Feather Knight(4k), Raging horse(6k), and Gareth.

And your opponents Vanguard is
Draconic Overlord THE END(with Cross Ride)

As you would know, basically all your power lines are useless crap and you need to attack for more than 18k.
If your hand was:
Mark, draw trigger, Beaumans, Slaygal Dagger, and a 10k.

Attack with all the units, use limit break to kill off that Feather knight, Raging Horse, and Valkyrie, and stand again.
The next turn, you could call slaygal dagger behind the Vanguard or Manawydan to form 18k lines(but Id reccomend behind Manawydan. CB2 for 23k, anyone?). Then, call Beaumans in front of Gareth for the 18k Line.
Note that the hand was before the drive check, so youll probally be getting another G1 to boost with as well.

Thats all for today.

Arrivederci, frog.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing the deck of the man called Emperor, Dimension Police.

Lets start with the decklist:

4 Enigman Storm
3 Miracle Beauty

3 Enigman Wave
3 Cosmo BEAK
3 Enigroid Comrade
2 Super Dimensional Robot Dai Lady

4 Enigman Ripple
3 Kalenloid Daisy
3 Commander Laurel
3 Diamond Ace
2 Glory Maker

1 Engiman Flow
4 Cosmo FANG
4 Guide Dolphin
4 Justice Cobalt
4 Justice Rose
(8 Stand, 4 Crit, 4 Heal)

Now, for a while, Inigman Rain style decks were the in thing for DP. Seriously, who can say no to an OTK without Critical Triggers?

But, thinking about it, Laurel/Storm is much stronger because of the stability of the ride and the support in the form of Enigroid Comrade.

Lets talk commander Laurel.
While he allows your deck to take a very control/defensive stance with no problem, he will burn out your deck if youre not careful.

The trick to playing DP correctly is to balance the need for extra cards and extra control with the opportunities to go for damage.
This deck plays in 4 Critical Triggers for this precise reason: It gives your deck the much needed damage that it lacks from constantly attacking rear guards.

Decking out is a fear all DP players must face, so lets crunch some numbers, shall we?

You start with 43 Cards in the deck(draw 1).
Ride ripple, and search wave.
Deck 42.
Drive Check Deck 41.
Damage X2 = Deck 39.
Draw, Ride. Deck 38.
Use Ripple to search Storm. Deck 37.
Attack and drive check. Deck 36.
Eat Damage X2. Deck 34.
Draw, Ride storm. Deck 32.
Twin Drive. Deck 30.

Does this sound about right?
That is normal for most games that you play with Dimension Police. By the time you ride G3, your deck is close to 30 cards.

Now, Laurel's effect gives you another twin drive, so each turn you will burn 5 cards, one for draw, and 4 for 2 twin drives.

At this point, when you ride G3, the recommended number of times to activate Laurel's effect is:
At most, 5 times.

Now, if you rip triggers, you can add critical and do miracle beauty full line stands, etc. So two twin drives is a very good thing.

So, each time you double twin drive, you are missing out on chances on actually punching in damage. Dont forget to keep pushing damage in!

Keep in mind his synergy with Miracle Beauty. Ripping two stand triggers might give you a 3rd Twin Drive!

Build 20k lines on the side with Enigroid Comrade, Or strike fear with Miracle beauty.

The rear guard pressure is certainly on with 8 Stands and crits.

The reason we dont run any draw is that Laurel already gives you enough cards to survive well enough, if you play correctly.

Thats all for today.

Rauzes out