Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nociel GB8 Atatron-Surgery Loop

This article is about the Nociel deck that aims to perform the surgery-atatron combo with gb8.

G3 Nociel 4
G2 Nociel 4, Nurse of Broken Heart 4, Atatron 4, Sariel 2.
G1 Nociel 4, Remnon (Rescue PG) 4, Nakir (Stride Cost) 4, Earth Elemental Connel 2, Light Element Honoly 1
G0: FV Thermometer Angel, 12 Stand: 4 Nociel, 4 Surgery, 1 Refros, 3 High Trebel Angel, 4 Heals
GZone: Raphael (heal) 4, 2 Nociel G4, 2 Gavrail G4, 1 Uriel (on hit), 1 Seabreeze, 1 GB8 Belator Terminal.
GGuards: 2 Suriel, 1 Dizmel, 2 Eleleth

In terms of winning, this deck basically wants to win with the GB8-Atatron-Surgery Loop.

Front row: Atatron, with Surgery behind Atatron. Other front row: Anything with surgery as boost.
Connel is for Nightrose, Gear who will destroy your units while attacking. Connel doesnt work against kagero so give up.
GB8 is there to get to the 1 deck size you need to form the atatron loop.
Damage Zone: 1 Surgery Angel.

Attack with your V, giving all triggers to Atatron, and use GB8 to rescue check down to exactly 4 cards in deck (3 for drive check, 1 for the combo.)

This ideally gives you 5 open damage
The loop goes:
With exactly 1 card in deck, attack with atatron boosted by surgery angel (plus trigger power)
After battle, cb1, return surgery to deck.
Rescue check, dropping surgery angel from damage to drop zone. Take 1 damage.
If its not surgery angel, then surgery angel is the 1 card remaining in deck.
Atatron revive the surgery angel from drop zone.
Attack with other row, cb1 to drop the non surgery angel, return surgery to deck, rescue check 1(since both cards are surgery angel, its a 100% to get a stand trigger).
Stand Atatron + power.
Attack with atatron. Use surgery skill. CB1, rescue check drop a surgery angel, return surgery angel to deck and get a 100% stand chance.
Use Atatron to revive surgery angel.

Repeat until opponent is dead (or out of cb).
Because of GB8, atatron not only has a lot of power, but also all of your cb is open for this combo when you go to execute it.

This creates an average of about 10 attacks.
Note that using Gavrail G4 instead of bellator terminal is also an option, but it requires you to have exactly 6 cards in deck for execution turn, as opposed to up to 8 cards for Bellator Terminal. Also does not garuntee you full face up.

To bring the game to this point of 1) Having enough cards 2) Not being dead 3) Thinning deck 4) While maintaining CB, the only engine strong enough to do so is the Nociel Engine.
In the current meta, Bladewings, ZTB, and Genesis are running around. However, these decks are unable to break through Nurse of Broken Heart because they dont have much removal.

For bladewings they only really have Shaharot as removal for Broken heart, which takes up a full turn for them. That being said their other options of victory are limited, as asassin + demagogue turns are quite easily shut down by broken heart + nociel. Thus, its easy to bring the game to a gb8 point against them.
For Nubatama, they can remove it with Magentenbu, but this is why we play Connel, to force them to waste turns breaking through connel first before being able to pass through broken heart.

Against nightrose, while they are able to break through Broken heart and do multiple attacks, their attack count is limited by having to burn broken hearts (plus connels) first, before getting through. This, combined with Raphael's heals will give you a good amount of time to set up your combo.

Against genesis, get up Honoly + Broken Heart by searching them up with Sariel and Nociel G4, which makes it almost impossible for genesis to win.

VS Kagero: Your entire finisher gets shut down by Denial Griffon. DENIED.

For the game plan, you want to start farming cards as soon as you can so get up to g3 nociel and control your damage. Through this you should be drowning in card advantage. there is no particular need to take first stride.

Nociel G4 allows you to call face down units as well so take good advantage of that and your cb to set up your field.
2nd and 3rd stride are either gavrail to thin deck, or Raphael to buy more time.
The speed you are looking for is:
Nociel G4, (+/- G Guard Persona) ,; Gavrail G4 ,(+ G GUard Persona ), GB8 Execute.

This deck uses Gavrail as both a multiple attacker as well as "drive check 5" card to thin the deck. Be sure to never forget her.
Raphael and Refros combos allow you to easily manipulate your damage zone to set up your gb8 turn. Throw things into the damage zone followed by using nociels to retrieve them
Raphael is also incredibly strong in a deck whoes game plan revolves around getting to gb8

GB8 turn calls for 8 OR LESS cards in the deck when you stride. If you have less than 8 and more than 4, the combo still works but with less atatron pump.
Use G1 Nociels and Suriels to get to that "exactly 8" number on the turn before you gb8

To perform the loop, you require 3 surgery angels (1 in deck, 1 field, 1 damage is the loop). Therefore, the second you discard or heal two surgery angels, your game plan falls apart. Keep this in mind.
Be sure not to be too hasty in using your surgery angels to push on your first stride turns, as you dont want a situation where surgery angels are nowhere to be seen when you need to gb8

Its not an easy deck to play but it can easily run over opponents in both combo as well as deck power and advantage while maintaining good control over the game with both your threat of gb8 combined with your endless advantage.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 1 In the ghost house/ようこそお化け屋敷へ

Avast matey! And Welcome to SO IMBA!! Where we learn to be a better Cardfighter.
海賊共船に付け!ようこそ、毎日一緒に良いファイターを目指すSO IMBAへ

Today, we will be brewing with this card:

お化けのリーダー でめとりあ
Ghostie Leader Demetria

She has one interesting ruling with her first ability: 
Q3210 2017-03-02
Q. 複数のリアガードが同時にドロップゾーンに置かれた場合、1つ目のこの能力を解決した後、このユニットは能力を失いますが残りの発動した能力はどうなりますか?
A. すでに発動している能力は問題無く解決します。

When several RG are placed into drop zone at the same time, after reviving one unit and losing this 1st ability, can you activate the effect for the remaining RG that were retired?
A. As long as the effect has been activated and placed onto standby, you can resolve it.

You can combine her ability with hollow to revive a unit at the end of your turn, making up at least one additional Card every turn.

This means that you can have two hollow units die once at a time, but place Demetria's skill on standby twice, allowing you to revive two Ghosties. This ability to fetch back multiple units when used with Hollow is the powerful ability of the deck, but units need to be retired together, or at the same timing.

How it works: Two Hollow -> End phase, first one dies -> Place Demetria's skill on standby -> Second unit dies -> Place demetria's skill on standby second time -> Revive two ghosties by using Demetria's skill twice.

We will start with the decklist.

4 Leader of Ghosties Demetria/お化けのリーダー でめとりあ
1 Vampire Princess of Starlight Nightrose/星影の吸血姫 ナイトローゼ
1 Fabian the Ghostie/お化けのふぁびあん

4 Cremie the Ghostie/お化けのくれみー
3 Undead Knight of the Corrupting Sword (10k Vanilla)/汚らわし剣の死霊剣士 (バニラ)
3 Rambling Shade/ランブリングシェイド
2 Skeleton Cannoneer/スケレトンの砲撃種

4 Tommy the Ghostie Brothers/お化けのとみー兄弟
1 Jacky the Ghostie/お化けのじゃっきぃ
1 John the Ghostie/お化けのじょん
4 Quincy the Ghostie/お化けのくいんしー
4 Freddie the Ghostie (PG)/お化けのふれでぃ

1 Peter the Ghostie (FV)/お化けのぴーたー 及び お化けのまっと
1 Undying Departed Grenache/死さぜる死者グレナッシュ
4 Mick the Ghostie and Family (STND)/お化けのミック一家
4 Cody the Ghostie (CRIT)/お化けのこーでぃ
4 Jimmy the Ghostie (CRIT)/お化けのじみー
4 Rick the Ghostie (HEAL)/お化けのりっく

2 Pirate King of Redemption Dragut/贖いの海賊王 ドラクート
2 Ghostie Great King Obadaiah/お化け大王おばだいあ
2 Tempest-Calling Pirate King Goauche/嵐を呼ぶ海賊王 ガッシュ
2 Diabolist of Corpse Negrosonger/屍の幻妖術師 ネグロゾンガー
2 Mist Phantasm Pirate King Nightrose/霧幻の海賊王 ナイトローゼ
1 Air Element Seabreeze/エアエレメントジブリーズ
1 Pirate King of Secret Schemes Bandit Rum/暗躍する海賊王 バンデッドラム
2 Great Witch Doctor of Banquets Negrolily/夜宴の大呪術師ネグロリリー
1 Eclipse Dragonhulk Deepcorpse Dragon/蝕骸竜 ディープコープス・ドラゴン
1 Diabloist of Tombs, Negromode/墳墓の幻妖術師 ネグロモード

First up is the main unit, Demetria. As the main G3 of the deck, she demands you build around her and use her abilities to the maximum capacity.

While the first though is indeed to build a deck of all ghosties, the main reason to do so is between herself and Cremie the Ghostie.  With Demetria's on ride ability, it requires two conditions to always work: You are able to soul blast two  cards, and when you reveal until a G1 card, that G1 is a ghostie.

With these two conditions, if you notice, it is actually not required for you to have a ghostie G2 at all, as long as it is a ghost.  For this reason, while the G1 lineup is built around being all Ghosties, to secure a card no matter what you hit with demetria's effect, as well as to provide the required 10 ghostie count for Cremie, there is no requirement for what the g2 is.

For this reason, we have chosen to play Undead Knight of Corrupting Sword, a 10k vanilla, but GHOST type, as well as Rambling Shade, another Ghost.  Rambling shade, while being an 11k attacker, is also a G2 ghost with hollow, providing a large amount of synergy with the deck as a whole. Being a 10k interceptor is a nice added bonus, providing a total count of 7 10k intercepts together with Cremie the Ghostie for maximum defense.

As skeleton Cannoneer is extremely powerful, and a necessity to deal with opponents field while providing draw, and is mainly revived through your stride abilities.
However, cannoneer, despite being a hollow unit, is a G2 that is not a ghost. If you ride this, and demetria directly after, you will not have 2 Ghosts in the soul to fuel Demetria's ability.

This is directly countered, however, if you have a G0 FV that is a Ghost, can soul in in the early stages of the game, while consistently breaking even on card advantage. Peter the Ghostie.  If you are able to ride a G2 that is a ghost, there is often no rush to use the ability at all, as the deck doesnt play Dancing Cutlass for more card advantage early. Instead, leave it on the field to be killed or stepped over through Dragut's effect, retires, etc, and be revived when other units die.  Now we come to the backbone of the deck: Demetria's first ability, the one to revive units. 

According to how its worded, it doesnt care what is retired, as long as you can revive a unit with less grade than the unit retired.

This means that G3 hollow units become Cremie, to become 16k attacker or 10k guard on the next turn,
G2 hollowed units become Quincy whom become 5k guards for the next turn, and your G1 hollow can be converted back into Peter the Ghostie, whom will head to soul to become a draw.

This is the reason we play Rambling Shade, for being a G2 hollow unit. It can be hollowed to detonate, becoming a Quincy to guard next turn, but also counts as a Hollow unit for Dragut turns.
On Dragut turns, it also becomes an 11k attacker, perfect for forming a line with G0 Grenache.

Also, the massive combo with G Guardian Negrolily is still as valid as it is in the Nightrose deck. While nightrose uses its cost to revive a Mick or Cannoneer, the ghostie revived through negrolily also causes Demetria's effect to trigger, giving you not only one unit off of Negrolily which can be a 10k intercept through Cremie, but also if you sac a g2 or 3 unit, you can revive a Quincy, which can be used to guard a different attack.

Note that if you revive quincy though Lily's effect, you cannot use it to guard during that attack.

Vampire Princess of Starlight Nightrose:  Played for some reasons: Allows putting out Tommy the Ghostie Brothers early while maintaining stride cost in hand, while also being a free drop from the deck if you have all of your cost early.

It also synergizes well with Dragut reviving two units, as if you revive her with Grenache in separate lanes, you can use her soul blast ability to pull up a Quincy to act as boost while providing shield for the return turn. Grenache will counter charge back your cost, while working with Cremie or Rambling Shade to form a proper 21k or 16k lane.

Soul can be easily supplied through Peter the Ghostie, and once soul blasted, synergizes with Quincy's retire ability to be revived again while providing shield.

By leaving her as hollow, it allows you to convert her into a 10k shield through Cremie at the end of turn.

Fabian the ghostie:  Maximum synergy with Obadaiah. You can drop him with another hollow (usually grenache), to not only revive a ghostie behind V with Obadaiah's effect, but also revive Fabian as hollow as a 14k attacker through his own effect, which becomes a g2 interceptor at the end of turn.  If you drop Fabian through Demetria's on ride effect, you can spend some CB to revive him, and effectively get an attacker that either converts to a Cremie or Quincy at the end of turn for the defence.


In the situation you have no revival targets for Fabian's hollow on the ride (eg: going first, riding up), use Peter the ghostie to drop something and get that advantage flowing.

Another synergy with Obadiah
If you stride obadiah, and drop 2 hollow units, you can revive any ghostie normal unit to the field behind V, not only G1 ghosties. This allows you to revive fabian in order to pull up a 10k intercept on the return.

Cremie the Ghostie
is played because its the backbone of the deck. 10k intercept, 10k from hand, 16k beatstick without exploding at end of turn.

You need 10 ghosties but thats why you play so many g1 and g0 ghosties. You will hit that number usually by 1st or 2nd stride.

John the Ghostie
is useful for being a go-to call behind Nightrose. Extra hand cards is great as always, as long as you can sustain it. It does very similar things to Quincy the ghostie in the deck: become guard. Consider it a 5th Quincy.

As for strides, the main stride is Dragut. You will aim to do the play as described above: Revive 2-3 hollow units, containing Grenache if possible to sustain cost. Starlight nightrose is a great addition which allows you to pull up a third unit if you revive with two off dragut.

As such, 3 Dragut is played. You aim to use its ability 2-3 times in a row while maintaining board advantage through Demetria and Dragut burning things.

Negrosonger is another powerful finisher, but usually not a go to stride.

As always, thanks for reading, and may the triggers be with you.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

GBT02 Meta Analysis

Hello everybody and welcome to SO IMBA! Where we learn how to be a better cardfighter.

Today, we will be conducting analysis of the GBT02 Meta.

Which decks are good? Any advice for beating them? What are their strong points?

We will mainly be focusing on the primary decks that will make up the big chunk of what you will go against, and what their most competitive builds are.


The first big beast we will tackle is the monster around the block since GBT01: Kagero.

Kagerou decks have mostly been overlord the X builds nowadays, with Dauntless-Vortex-Nouvelle popping up very occasionally.

Dauntless-Vortex-Nouvelle win off a Dauntless breakride into Nouvelle or Vortex, fueling stride until then with its 7 g3s and 4 G4s, a whooping 11 + 3(G1 Lava Flow) cards to single card stride. Their killer move involves Dauntless Drive break ride, hence it is a bit difficult to manage. However, the deck is really slow, often losing due to packing a lower number of G1 and G2 to fight with.

Watch out for the stride into calling Nouvelle as RG trick. Since your V is G4 when you stride, you may call Nouvelles out as RG.

This build has fallen out or popularity compared to Overlord the X Builds.

The recent builds of Overlord the X have been 3 The Great, 4 The X, and 2 The End only, almost entirely forgoing utilising The End to restand, focusing more on pressure and advantage fighting as the deck always has. Be less afraid of the restand, since unless they searched out the End, chances are that they wont have a second copy in their hand.
The decks ability to combat decks that try to deny stride/legion is unbeatable, since they have both The End as well as Dragonic Burnout to force the opponent to move to G3, followed by them striding and legion-ing you to victory.

All other kagerou builds are not powerful enough to be deemed meta relevant.

Royal Paladin.

Ah. Royal Paladin, almost entirely 4 Sing Saviour based decks nowadays.
Royal Paladin utilizes their combination of Stride/Saint Blow and Sing Saviour to win games. All of the other G3s are to supplement this. With Swordmi, they can easily pull out boost units, the issue that Royal paladin had previous to this advent.

There are several main builds that center around sing saviour:
The Sacred Wingal X Sing Saviour build: Classic Legion style. Fills frontrow better and can progress into the double restand play. Suffers against the builds that can deny legion/stride. Usually plays sacred beast seeker claude to get a G3 in hand to stride with the turn they ride.

Altomaile x Sing Saviour build. Capitalise off of stride + Legion together. Not much to say about this other than its ability to fill graveyard and search G3 easily. Expect them to play Pongal and Soul Saviour for discarding.

Sing Saviour x4 build.
The Royal paladin variant that stays at G2 until they want to win. A Legion/Stride Denial Strategy.

Shadow Paladin:

All of them play 4x Phantom Blaster Abyss for Legion. It just depends on what else they play.

The 3 Builds are:

4 Morded Phantom x 4 Phantom Abyss
2 Mordred Phantom x 4 Phantom Abyss
4 Phantom Abyss.

Although all 3 builds try to Legion-kill you with restanding, the 8G3 build, the most common, will be riding its break ride first and stride repeatedly to Atmos/blizzard and then try to kill you with the break ride-legion combo, while the 4G3 build will try to win off of board control via Blaster Dark Abyss +Blaster Dark Revenger, with a Legion for the win, all while denying Legion/Stride by not going to G3.

Watch out for both these builds, are they are considered top meta.


Great Nature is a powerful force thats come into the meta now with GBT02 support.

They are a very common build to see. The most considered powerful is the break ride X Tester Fox build, utilizing break ride together with the legion to draw into and set up the infinite loop, killing 2 researcher fox a turn to draw 2 and unflip 2, which are used to get the tester fox back, drawing 2 additional cards per turn, leading up to 5 cards gained per turn.
They can use the pheonix stride to power up tester fox, and as stride returns before the tester foxes die, the combo can still trigger.

4 Honorary Professor, Chatnoir
4 Magic Scientist, Tester Fox

4 Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox
4 Pencil Knight, Hammsuke
4 Crayon Tiger

4 Cable Sheep (PG)
4 Coiling Duckbill
4 Single-minded Assistant, Mini Belly
1 Taping Cat

FV: Pencil Koala
9 Crit (4 Ruler Chameleon)
3 Draw (3 Castanet Donkey)
4 Heal

4 Eternity Professor, Phoenicialux
2 Omniscience Dragon, Managarmr
1 Snow Element, Blizza
1 Miracle Element, Atmos

This is the only relevant top meta build.


We arrive at the biggest new arrival to the scene, with Savas and Magnum Assault kicking up a storm in the meta.

One of the most powerful cards in Aquaforce is Tidal Assault, as its early game prescence and pressure and ability to deal damage as early as turn 3 means Aquaforce can play the G3 denial game very effectively, staying at G2 and beating down with Tidal Assault.


Maelstorm build

The new crit trigger for Malestorm means the deck is back in action! Advantage farm with Maelstorm reverse followed by Glory Maelstorm + Crit trigger for the win. Very straightforwards build. Example deckbuild:

4 Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom "Яeverse"
3 Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom
1 Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Glory Maelstrom

4 Blue Storm Soldier, Rascal Sweeper
4 Tidal Assault
3 Magnum Assault
1 Couple Dagger Sailor

4 Guardian of the Seas, Platon (PGG)
4 Kelpie Rider, Nicky
3 Mako Shark Soldier of the Blue Storm Fleet
2 Battle Siren, Sutashia

FV: Blue Storm Cadet, Marios
7 Crit (4 Despina, 3 Supersonic Sailor)
5 Draw (4 Battle Siren, Mallika)
4 Heal

4 Marine General of the Heavenly Silk, Lambros
2 Marine General of the Heavenly Scales, Tidal-bore Dragon
1 Snow Element, Blizza
1 Miracle Element, Atmos

Savas based builds.
Savas based builds  utilize Savas's stride bonus to push victory, winning off of the fact that Lambros is busted as high hell.

Common builds:
4 Savas
3 Mihael (Legion)
1 Glory Maelstorm

2 Milos (Legion Mate)
2 Couple Dagger Sailor
4 Magnum Assault
4 Tidal Assault

3 Penguin Soldier
2 Battle Siren Ortia
4 Null -G
4 Savas Stride Fodder/Searcher

1 G3 Searcher
4 Heal/4Draw/8 Crit

4 Lambros 2 Tidal Bore 1 Atmos 1 Blizzard

Both these builds represent powerful  fields prior to Stride/Legion, and once Stride happens, Lambros takes over the game. Very prevalent in meta.


The two builds that are "new" are Vanquisher X Vermillion/Crimison, and Sweep Command x Descendant.

Vanquisher and Vermillion/Crimison deck is 3 Crimison 2 Vermillion 3 Vanquisher, which uses stride and their legion/beatdown abilities to win. Straightforwards. Doesnt win.

Sweep Command Combo X Descendant is usually played:
4 Sweep Command
2 Descendant
2 Vanquisher

4 Chatura
4 Voltage Horn
3 Chou-ou

4 Mighty Bolt Dragoon
4 Null - G
3 Rising Pheonix
1 Castor

3 First Thunder Dracokid
7 Crit/5 Draw/4 Heal Eradicator Triggers

The combo you are aiming for is to stride to Zoras, the unit that forces the opponent to retire a unit when the stride attack hits. After twin driving, you use First Thunder Dracokid to search the top 10 cards to re-ride Sweep Command, getting an effective restand.

If that wasnt enough, use Voltage Horn to trigger First Thunder dracokid, granting a restand, and use Dragonic Descendant to finish off the opponent.

Keep this combo in mind when you go up against a Narukami

From this point onwards is less prevalent in meta, but still highly present.

Oracle Think Tanks:

Oracle Think tank is exaclty the same as GBT01 builds so expect nothing new from them, just that they are reliable and can legion and draw draw draw to high hell and back, keeping them super defensive and maintaining field super easily.

Neo Nectar:

Maiden Builds centered around Ayesha will be present but not as powerful. the real powerful build you want to be looking out for is Musketeer Vera builds, which can stride and dish out beatdown before getting to G3. This is the most prevalent G3 denial strategy, and it important you recognize how to beat it (beat RG and win off the fact you have twin drive).

Gear Chronicle

despite being main character clan and having all the support in the world they are slow. Not top meta, but will be present in the meta.  beat them by being fast.

Thats mostly the low down for GBT02 meta. These are the decks you expect to face.

Join in tomorrow for an analysis of what is the best positioned to win.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Maiden of Venus Trap Reverse - Advanced

Hello everybody, and welcome to SO IMBA!

Where we learn how to be a better cardfighter.

I am your host Rauzes, and today, we discuss the Maiden of Venus Trap deck at a highly advanced level.

I am back to blogging after a long hiatus simply because I have ideas to share about this game, and there seems to be a lack of blogs in english discussing actual advanced level vanguard to the level I want, so I decided to fill in the gap.

I know Maiden of Venus Trap Reverse is old old card from 14, but the deck seems to be performing suprisingly well, despite similarities to the Luqier Reverse deck.

So, the decklist is as follows:

4 Maiden of Venus Trap Reverse
1 Maiden of Venus Trap Muse

4 White Rose Musketeer Alberto (Damage Unflipper)
4 Maiden of Cherry Bloom
4 Hey Yo Pineapple

4 Maiden of Blossom Rain (Null)
4 Maiden of Cherry Stone
3 Tulip Musketeer Mina (Damage taker)
4 Lady of Sunlit Forest  (Rest Discard 1 Draw 1)

8 Critical, 4 Stand, 4 Heal
FV: Brocollini Musketeer Kirah.

So, first matters first.
Why so only 5 G3?
Why no Master Wisteria??
Why no 8 Crit 4 Draw???

Simple answer to the first one. You have no intention of riding anything other than Maiden of Venus Trap reverse.
Why bother? If your deck is centered around one card with the other G3 being supplemental or backup, you dont actually need that many G3s in your deck. In fact, a grand total of 5-6 should be just fine. The reason you need 8 in break ride dependant decks is that you want to actually get break ride off. which you need the breakride itself, a G3, as well as another to trigger it by turn 7-8 (So the turn after you ride G3).
However, if you ride one unit and intend on sitting on that unit for the rest of the game, what do you need so many G3 for?
The math has been done, and the difference between 8 G3 and 5G3, especially with a G3 searcher as FV, is close to a 6% difference in the ability to ride to G3 on time.

Contrast this to the much more than 6% of games where having a hand clogged full of G3s you are waiting on Null guards to throw to. If you dont have breakride dependant decks, OR a deck of two alternative G3s that function independantly well (IE Gauntlet Buster + Descendant), or another proper reason to run so many G3s(Crossride, Tyrannolegend, blah blah), Dont.

The playstyle of venus reverse means that you need to sit on limit break for several turns in a row, farming each turn for only one or two cards, and using that additional power pump to make the maximum of your locked card to maintain attacking prescence.
Locking too many cards cuts your attack prescence to make your turn not matter, and locking too little means you dont get to milk the advantage engine that is Venus Reverse for all she is worth.

As for Venus Muse, well, we needed a G3 11k attacker for backup ride, which works well with the damage taker that is Musketeer Mina.
Breakrides do nothing with Musketeer Mina, so Venus Muse it was. Potential advantage, but most importantly being 11k. If you draw Venus Reverse, you always ride over it because of the massive card power jump.

So, Master Wisteria.
Basically, Master Wisteria is terrible.
Not that its effect is bad, its just too easy to counter and work around.

Did I mention how its got atrocious synergy with Venus Reverse?

Someone said its got good synergy?


With master Wisteria, its effect makes it terribly limiting in exactly what you want to call.

First off, when you break ride, choose two of your rear guards, and call to RG from your deck cards with the same name.

yeah, sure, break ride +2. Right?


Master Wisteria is terribly limiting especially for a deck who wants to farm advantage and roll to victory with 18 cards in hand.

When you break ride, what do you copy?

Two G1s?
So you have one G1 behind wisteria, and one in the corner.
So you get one for the other corner... and One in the front, which then you either have to replace and lose advantage or suffer with a bad power line on one end.

Two G2s?
First off congratulations in having 2 G2s survive a turn without being punished like mad by the opponent.
Second off, where do they go?
Behind the G2s? So they sit there for one turn in the corner unable to boost, twiddling their thumbs.

Good job. You attack for a so-so power line in the center and weak on the sides. Next turn, to set up for your next attack, you HAVE to intercept with both those units.

You traded 2-3 cards of attacking power and a G3 for 10k worth of shield and 10k power on your vanguard.

Great job. Terrible trade off. If those G2 were 9k, the opponent throws their 9ks to intercept and they might be stuck there attacking nothing. At best they were pineapples. At best.

Oh and next turn you have to have boosts for them.

G1 and G2.

The most ideal wisteria call, a G1 and G2 gets you one more boost and fills up the other line.

So why is this bad?

First off, you had to set it up.
you have to have 1-2 backrow units to boost, and one G2 to copy, AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR TURN.

The weakness here is that at the beginning of your turn. This means you had one turn with some G2s out, a G1 behind one of them or your vanguard, and Wisteria out.
Wisteria who is a break ride.

Break rides completely telegraph exactly what their limit breaks do.

So, you have told your opponent with wisteria out that you want to start your turn with 4-5 damage, only one front row G2/G3, and one G1 in the back.

And expect them to walk right into it.
IF you were at 3, they attack RGs. Keep you off limit break
IF you were at 4-5, they attack RG ruthlessly. You are either forced to leave both of them to die, making wisteria only get a G1, OR guard for them, shredding your hand away.

Wisteria is interesting on paper, but the practical applications severely limit its ability to be utilised well.

Oh, and Maiden Reverse Synergy?

Maiden Reverse wants to lock one to get 1 Unit.

So, assuming ideal Wisteria ride, you get one G2, one G1.
So you have 4 RG units on your field.
One in corner, one behind V or in corner, and both frontrows filled.

Asking to limit break here is getting only one unit for one lock. You go from EXACTLY two units (difficult as detailed above) to a field of 4 units 1 locked, or full field at the end of turn.

And if you had THREE units at the start of your turn? Your venus reverse can do nothing without burning your own advantage by killing of RG.

Basically this. Wisteria into Venus is only good if you have exactly two units at the start of your turn, WANT to give up offensive ability to make advantage, yet are trying to burst-push with break ride power. So, rarely.

So why not drop break ride all together and go all in on the Venus Reverse plan?

The card choices here all reflect this

The Alberto, being damage unflippers, means that if it contacts, unflipping one damage can be converted into +1 Card advantage via Maiden Reverse.
Mina being a damage taker is to start the advantage farming early, the second you ride to G3. If you ride to G3 and are at 3 damage with Mina in hand, you can lock 1 or 2 and farm advantage early on, starting your Neo Nectary snowball to victory.

Lady of Sunlit forest
Here is a card choice. Originally it was any 7k to make power lines with Maiden of Cherry Bloom/Alberto, but the ability to rest and card filter is quite powerful.
First off, you can discard excess G3s(IE: All of them after the first Reverse) to draw actual guard cards, which is useful before you build up 7-8 cards in hand.
Card filtering can also be good in mid game where drawing that attacker you need is helpful.
By dedicating this card slot to Lady of Sunlit Forest, you increase your G3 stability by being able to amp up the draw power early game. One activation of Sunlit Forest rivals *getting* a draw trigger early on if you are thinking of drawing G3s. Two activations means you are two draw triggers.

Beware, however, that overusing this card will result in decking out, as youre going long game with additional draw and call from deck.

Lock Target.
Maiden of Venus Reverse loves Sunlit forest. You discard excess G3s, fill up your hand with blocky blocks, and then lock for more units.
Repeat for one or two turns and you will have built up quite a defensive hand because of your filtering and discarding 0 Shield G3s, as well as not having to call units from your hand.

Why no 8 Crit 4 Draw?

Short Answer is because a player is not terrible.
Defaulting to 8 Crit 4 Draw is a bad habit.

Yes, it is a beginner friendly trigger balance, and yes its highly reccomended for beginners, but now that youre here reading this article it means youre more than a silly beginner and you can play more trigger balances than 8 Crit 4 Draw, yes?

Every trigger balance, especially in higher level play, requires justification.

Why are you running this, not anything else?

4 Heals -> Damage takers, determination to go Long game, and advantage off of venus reverse by healing flipped damage.

4 Stand -> Advantage farming. While draw triggers get you one card + 5k power and 5k shield, stand triggers while used correctly mean 5k power, a 5k shield off the opponent by attacking again, and a 10k shield in the hand.
The additional RG kill represents potential saved CA when they cannot replace the lost unit
The reason you pick stand over draw is that you have every intention of the game going long, and thus drive checking more than 6-7 times of damage check.

Therefore, if the game goes long, that extra 5k in shield in hand will matter more because you will be hitting more stand triggers (worth 4 cards on attack, 1 on defense) in your drive checks than draw triggers in damage checks (worth 3 cards on attack, 2 on defense)

If youre running 8 crit 4 draw, you plan on having less than 6-7 drive checks. Thats 3rd turn of G3 when going first, and  2nd turn of G3 when going second. IF your deck is doing that, fine.
If not, then reconsider your trigger base.

Stands also good in situations where corner is locked and you have already attacked with the weak no boost unit.

8 Critical.
Being NeoNectar means you lack burst, and push power. This is supplanted by the 8 critical triggers.

The extra crit means you can utilize the critical when they are at 4 to gain advantage over the opponent, when the opponent at 2-3 damage means you up the threat level of your RG and start burning RG, or better, the opponent takes a hit they could have easily blocked, leaving you open to attack more and target their vanguard for card burning at a later turn.

The extra crit in an advantage farming deck is there to actually deal damage, by using only one RG to attack with 2 crit, when the other RG and the vanguard went at RG, it leaves the opponent very open to misplaying and eating damage or blocking unnecessarily.

Usually, with this trigger balance, the attack pattern is:

Early turns
RG hit RG, the V hit V
If opponent has no RG, RG go at V, V take boost go at V
If opponent has 2 RG: V take boost go at RG, RG take down RG if not crit. If crit, go at V for 3 damage. Burn Stand effect.

When at G3
If all opponents RGs are 11k: Pineapple + boost at RG, V at V, then RG at V if criticals permit, or at RG if not. Stand pineapple to attack at RG, the power pump from stand trigger goes on the other RG (BECAUSE YOURE NOT A TERRIBAD PLAYER WHO PUMPS THE UNIT THEY STAND IN EARLY GAME)

If Opponents RG are 9k: Save your pineapples. 9k (with or without boost) go at RG, V go at other RG if without/locked boost, and other line is 9k+7k / 11k+6-7k. RG at RG will probally be blocked, so standing means that 9k swings again at their 9k RG, burning 5k intercept or 5k from their hand. You do not really care which.

Using stand trigger with lady of Sunlit Forest(when not locking)
Assuming the opponent is 11k vanguard, plop a 9k unit in front of her. Rest and filter hand. Vanguard going first is acceptable here because your stand trigger can stand lady of forest, allowing a 16/21k attack with the stood unit.

End game:
Enemy at 5 damage, you at anywhere from 5 to A billion cards in hand.
11k Pineapple with boost against V, V to V, RG with boost to V
Lock corner, call pineapple in front of locked unit, 16k go.

Calling and Locking with Venus Reverse

As detailed above, Venus Reverse wants to start locking and farming as soon as possible. the damage takers certainly help to an extent with this, as it is not uncommon to be at 2 damage, throw down 2 damage takers, and start the farm as soon as turn 5(So go first, ride to G3 first turn)

Always, always, when calling, consider power lines. Since locked units come back at the end of turn, you have to consider this when calling.
If you locked a corner Mina (6k), you shouldnt call a 9k in front of her(unless youre going first, opponent is 9k, youre calling out a Alberto, exceptions etc)
Instead, choose to call out a 7k in the other corner, etc.

When building your field in the earliest turns, keep in mind the +5k power can make things like Mina or Sunlit Forest into 11k/12k swingers, which are great for that turn, but can drop back next turn to boost. When the units are called, consider calling them to an empty column and swing, and then move next turn to boost.

Since your vanguard doesnt need very much to farm advantage when attacking, you can ideally always lock the RG behind vanguard(ideally a sunlit forest, or Mina). When the unit behind V is locked, you can swing at a G2 rear guard, forcing them to throw 10k to protect a 5k. +1 Card advantage over opponent! Alternatively you +1 card by killing the RG. Either way, until the opponent goes to 4, the boost behind your vanguard is ideal lock fodder.

Making the +5k matter.
"The higher the power, the more likely it is to be no guarded" is as myth as they come.

Its closer to "If you can make a units power higher than a certain point decided by the number of cards in their hand, it will not be guarded"

IE: If your opponent is at 3 cards in hand or 30 cards in hand, what they can and cannot block, and what they will and will not block are very different.

So, by whittling the opponents defenses down to a certain point by bullying rear guards, a 21k line (Call the 9k in front of 7k, and maybe add trigger power) is more than enough to rip through their defences earlier in the game and carry through a damage(or two thanks to crit triggers), while straight bash V strategies that are commonplace would mean you should guard this attack most of the time.

Additonally, by using the 5k power, you can actually farm out more cards from their guarding.

a 16k line, 16k V line, and 16k line are very different from a 21k line, 16k line, 11k line.

To block the first attack (assuming 0 Triggers), you require 10k, 10k, 10k.

To block the second attack you need 15k, 10k, 5k.
How is this different?

The latter is 5k +10k, 10k, and 5k.
IE: Minimum 4 cards

While the 10k blocks represent 3 cards.

Farm advantage through the smallest of tricks such as this, and surely you shall snowball the opponent in card advantage the Neo Nectar way.

Thats all for today folks. Class Dismiss.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why im not posting

1. Not bothered
2. Too busy with girls/work/study/other games
3. In all honesty there isnt THAT much depth to the strategy of Vanguard.

There is the inital level, where everyones like "Whao what a lucksacky game"
Then theres "Oh look at this bottomless chasm of strategy"
And then theres "Oh I jumped into the bottomless chasm, and landed after 2 seconds. It wasnt that deep."

There is a hidden depth of strategy to the game, but its NOT THAT DEEP

Theres only so much you can talk about and discuss about strategy, as much of the game comes down to:
1: Good Deck
2: High Power
3: Double Critical Trigger
4: 6th Damage Heal Trigger
5: Psyqualia. Because we all know its not "Just in the Anime"

Saturday, June 16, 2012

15k Defense

Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing Agravain's Megablast.

Yeah. That card that you took one look as and threw away as because its a Junk Rare.

"CONT [V]: This unit gets Power +1000 for each of your «Gold Paladin» rear-guards"."

This is the most important part of Agravain's effect that I would like to call attention to.

Notice that it does not have the words "On your turn", like Blonde Eizel does.

People call Agravain a "Watered Down Blonde Eizel", but I dont think so.

With its effect off, Agravain goes from a 10k squishy to a 15k Defense monstrosity.

Let me put that into perspective for you.
With 15k Defense, every attack that is not more than 20k Power can be shrugged off with a 5k Guard.

What used to be supposed to kill you: Burning Horn + Bahrs, Baromedes + Kei, Sagramore + Gareth...

Becomes just big enough to become a routine attacker.

Now, the problem lies with getting up that 8 Soul.

Gold Paladins dont have such wonderful soul charge support. The best they have is Coongal and Agravain himself.

But, actually Gold Paladins have an unseen form of Soul Charge.

Crimison Cub, Kryph, has an effect similar to Llew in Royal Paladins. By sending certain units to the soul, you can superior ride, given certain conditions.

However, both are worded in such a way that you can, in fact, use the effect knowing full well you will be not superior riding.

Now, this would normally represent a loss in card advantage, just sending 2 cards to the soul, but with Agravain, you must realize that...
Once you have activated the Vendetta Berserk, every attack's saves you 1 card.

Thus, the faster you achieve the megablast, you can shrug off everything with no problem.

Yes, you lose 2 cards. But, this represents a 2 turn faster megablast, a 2 turn faster 15k defense, and... given they attack with 3 units, saving 3 * 5k * 2 turns. A whooping 30k worth of cards.

Re-riding Agravain just for the extra soul is another choice.

I hope you now see the worth in Agravain. 17k on the attack and 15k on the defense is crazy enough. A double crit simply means you can dedicate part of the deck/your play to stand style stalling.

Friday, June 15, 2012


So the new pale moon limit break is out, Rukie

Seem may say that it's effect is too costly, being three counter blast.

But do remember that Rukie will call into the rear guard one grade 0 unit.
This is where the pale moon stand trigger sky high walker comes into play.
By moving him from the rear guard to the soul, you can open one damage.

This significantly lessens the cost of the limit break, while upping your attack power.

Also, if you call out purple trapezist, you can send back either the g2 or g3 to call out sky high walker again, and send them back for opening one damage.

So, by using the limit break, it becomes a cb1 to gain 15k power, call two units from the soul.

Which is deadly.

Also, you might be able to use the effect again next turn!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Vendetta against Stand triggers

Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing why people hate stand triggers so much.

Well, if youre one to one to jump down to the bottom of the post when you first read it, I'll make this easy for you: You're playing them wrong.

In deck building, most decks play 4 Heals, about 4 draws, and the remainder 8 slots are fought over by STAND and CRIT triggers.

Now, the reasoning is that with CRIT, you have to deal less damage to defeat the opponent, but with STAND triggers, you have more attacks to defeat the opponent.

The reason why everyone things CRIT triggers are so much better is that they are applying the same thinking that makes CRIT triggers work best... to STAND triggers.

One crit that makes it in gives the opponent one more damage, meaning that the CRIT trigger itself, not including the 5k power, saved you one more attack of 10k/15k guard, which is massive amounts of advantage.

Stand Triggers, without the power, would stand the unit, and, the stood unit, assuming the opponent was of lower power, would only need 5k to guard that next attack. A gap of anywhere from 5k to 10k, right?

Lets take an example situation.
Your deck runs 2 Crit Stand, 4 Draw, and 4 Heal.

The opponent's 3 lanes:

Blaster Blade boosted by Toypugal.
MLB with 12k Boosted by Toypugal
MLB boosted by Maron
18k/21k/18k, for those who cannot math.
3 Damage

and Your field:
Empty slot, with Bahr Behind
DOTE with 13k, with Flame of promises Aermo behind. (17k/23k lane)
Empty slot, with Bahr Behind

And your hand: Wyvern Strike Tejas, Berserk Dragon, Hidden Dragon Striken, Wyvern Strike Gyuntul  Wyvern Guard Barri.
4 Counter blast open
2 Soul(not including Overlord)

Now, take a few seconds and think: what would you call?

If your deck was all crit, you would call out Berserk Dragon and Striken, as both would form the 17k lines you need to properly whack the opponent, and focus down the opponent's Vangaurd. Berserk would burn down the Toypugal behind Blaster Blade or behind MLB.

This isnt wrong, but this changes if you were playing in STAND.
Now, a lot of players who play in many STAND make the mistake of attacking with all of their RG before their Vanguard. 
If you were playing Nova Grapplers, where on Vangaurd's attack would wake up your whole field, then yes, this is a great idea, but not so great in our scenario.

Now, if you were playing in 6 Stand, what would you do?
In CRIT based decks, your attacks to rear guards would only be if they made lines that would force a 15k or more guard.
However, in STAND decks, you could harass the rear guard lines that only called for a 10k Guard, giving you more and more ability to guard.

In stand type decks, if you harass the 18k lines enough, they will eventually break, making them lines that either are not attacking, are a 5k guard, not able to attack you at all!(Wonderful!)

With this hand, you have several options: A Tejas, a 10k, a pinpoint removal, and a Gyundul, which will stand and attack for 11k.

So, what I would do would be to call out the Tejas and the Berserk Dragon, and Burn the Toypugal behind the MLB.
I would attack with Tejas and Bahr attacking the rear guard MLB.
I do this because the Blaster Blade 18k line is dependant on the RG MLB to become 18k. That, and if I stand the Tejas, I could potentially break the easiest access to 18k lines: 8k Boosters.

The next thing to do? Attack with DOTE, boosted by Aermo, without using Aermo's effect.
This is 17k. You dont quite need to push the 23k yet, as the opponent can willingly take the damage. You are already hitting for 15k guard.

IF you got one stand trigger, pump up the Berserk Dragon, and Stand Tejas.
If you got a second stand trigger, stand Bahr and pump up Tejas.

IF you got a DOTE followed by a stand trigger, by some miracle, you could stand up the Aermo behind the Vanguard, and attack for 28k. Crazy.

Now, why didnt we attack with Berserk Dragon first? Couldnt we stand that and gain another attack?

The reasoning behind this is that yes, you get another attack, but how effective was that one attack?
It was pretty useless. 14k? 13k? 5k guards.

However, since Berserk Dragon had a nice 10k line formed, pumping another 5k there would force a 15k guard, making the attack go through, no?

Tejas already has a nice attack target, so theres no real need to give more power there.

Ok. Continuing on the situation.
Lets say a very reasonable situation occured: They perfect guarded the DOTE attacking the Vanguard(Who wouldnt?) You only get 1 Stand because you dont have psyqualia. You drive check Burning Horn Dragon

Now, the opponent is still at 3 Damage, so you use your 8k Tejas to whack Maron, and use Berserk to push in the 4th damage.

Now, assuming the Tejas's attacks hit(Guarding the MLB would be a waste, Maybe not the Maron.)
So, although you only got 1 Damage through this turn, you effectively wasted the opponent's entire field.
Whether or not the opponent can mount a proper counter attack is entirely dependant on their hand. It is highly unlikely that their hand would be good enough to be able to deploy units while having the threat of instant death Via Overlord THE END hanging over them.

Guard. 5k intercept. Guard. 10k. Guard... wait cant touch this? Aww cry more. 

As you can see, by using Stand properly, you can easily ensure your own survival more than the opponent's death.

Just remember that you CAN attack rear guards, and attacking the Vanguard only is not always the best choice.

And, as always, thanks for reading.