Thursday, April 19, 2012

Murakumo Revisted

Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today,we re-visit some Murakumo cards

Murakumo is an underlooked clan, mainly because they arent so strong to start with, but also that their effects seem... kinda useless at the first glance.

For a more in-depth at the rest of the clan as a deck, check here

Today, we will be visiting three cards in particular:

First is Dual Swordsman MUSASHI, Followed by The Quick Arrow FUSHIMI and The Left and Right arresters

First up is MUSASHI.
Now, it may seem like an unlikely choice, but Musashi has one thing no other murakumo has, and that is Attacking Power.
Any other Murakumo card has at maximum 11k Power while attacking, so Musashi, along with an 8k Boost, can reach up to 20k Power.

In a deck such as Murakumo that likes to control the game by eliminating rear guards, Its conditions are easily met.
Playing one or two may throw the game in your favor. Especially the 12k attacking power can allow it to tackle most rear guards with no problem.

Second up is the Arresters.
Nothing much new here, only that the arresters gain power not during your turn only, but during both turns, making them exceptionally easy to protect.

The last is FUSHIMI.
Recently, it has become a mainstay in Murakumo decks recently, for one reason:
Although it only has the effect the turn you ride it, you can attack any unit in the back row.

Thats right,
ANY Unit, not just the one behind the Vanguard.
As most decks run a very troublesome First Vanguard, such as Wingal Brave or Conroe, being able to take out boosts in the early game is so painful, players are dedicating more and more space to this Fushimi.

Besides, as a Rear guard, it sure beats the hell out of the other low powered units in the already power defecit Murakumo Clan.

Thats all for today, and recent updates in Murakumo.

See ya.


  1. Can you post a sample decklist?

  2. can you reply to this comment, or just pm me, the decklist of Murakumo clan that you have build right now?

    I sure want to play this deck for real!

  3. No decklist, as I dont actually own a MK deck

  4. oh great....
    oh well, at least there IS a tips for me to build up.

    And thanks for the article write up about the Murakumo Clan, it helps me out to play my favorite deck^^ And of course, I enjoy it too.