Sunday, April 8, 2012

Imba Heal Triggers and You

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Today, we discuss the imba heal trigger.

What is an imba heal trigger?
Well, as the name suggests, its the heal trigger at the right moment, as a damage check for the 6th damage.

So, if the opponent manages to get an "Imba Heal Trigger", what should you do?

The most obvious thing that the opponent will do is put the power to the vanguard, to protect it better.

 And in response, what you should do is instead start attacking the opponent's rear guards.

Now, the fact that the opponent has willingly taken the 6th damage in hopes of a heal trigger means that he was unable to guard all 3 of your attacks.

If you, in response destroy his rear guards, he will be unable to fight back the following turn with sufficient power, allowing you to guard well and protect yourself.

 If you instead attack the vanguard, it will be easier for the opponent to guard, as they already have the added power.

 If the opponents rear guards are no more, it will be easy to guard the attacks and end them the next turn.

 So, next time, when the opponent opens at 6th damage heal trigger in your face, instead go and destroy their rear guards.

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