Monday, April 2, 2012

English And Japanese

So english and Japanese for box 6 onwards will be the same meta, with the same cards released!


I think I'll be starting Gold Paladins(Ren Version) when it comes out in English

RIDE ZA VANGUARD! Spectral Duke Dragon!


  1. This means I have to somehow purchase packs online... gonna look so bad with no one to trade with lol. This game essentially doesn't exist in America which bothers me greatly...

  2. I'll be upgrading my Granblue with Cocytus!!

    Stand Up! Captain Night Kid!! XD

    Freezing Torment to all Traitors in the Ninth Hell! Necromancer of the Ice Prison, Cocytus!!


  3. but what will happen to Booster 3-5? CEO Amaterasu is needed in Oracle Think Tank decks, and Galahad is a nice tech for any royal paladin deck

    1. they will release booster 3-5 later....
      Bushroad is skipping booster 3-5 so that english vanguard could catch up to japanese vanguard faster...
      Daiwon did this with yugioh in korea
      Sooner or later booster 3-5 will be released

    2. So essentially English Vanguard set 3-5 won't exist for now meaning no shadow paladins, no pale moon, no dark irregular, no dimensional police, no Stern Blaukruger, no Majesty Lord Blaster, no etc... that is what I gather from your post.

    3. we get them later...
      by looks of it, bushiroad is going to release pack 6 first and then before pack 7 is released, they will release pack that are not released here.
      Daiwon did this and currently all yugioh packs r released in Korea.
      I dont know this is true or not because i am just comparing to the similar case that happened in korea with yugioh...

  4. Well Amaterasu is set 1

  5. How can you play ren gold pals when there is no release for eb03 on English

  6. Ill wait for it, thats all :P