Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rest well

So lately, theres been talk going around online about some people talking to their cards.

Its becoming a sort of a trend lately, actually.

Players nowadays are saying please, asking for the units powers, and thanking them when they are retired.

Since your cards are your friends, fighting alongside you, it only makes sense that you say please and thank you, no?


  1. uhm... sure, I mean it could've been worse,

    not as creepy as cards talking to the player I guess...

  2. my reply, send them all to mental hospital, decrease the change to meet em in tourney ^^

  3. watching the show will make you understand that it's better this way than the other way around :P

  4. MM My ladies and I have conversations all the time XD
    After all one must Listen to ones Idols!.
    Funny thing is I tend to lose when I do not talk to my ladies???? guess IDOLS are a bit picky at that!