Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why im not posting

1. Not bothered
2. Too busy with girls/work/study/other games
3. In all honesty there isnt THAT much depth to the strategy of Vanguard.

There is the inital level, where everyones like "Whao what a lucksacky game"
Then theres "Oh look at this bottomless chasm of strategy"
And then theres "Oh I jumped into the bottomless chasm, and landed after 2 seconds. It wasnt that deep."

There is a hidden depth of strategy to the game, but its NOT THAT DEEP

Theres only so much you can talk about and discuss about strategy, as much of the game comes down to:
1: Good Deck
2: High Power
3: Double Critical Trigger
4: 6th Damage Heal Trigger
5: Psyqualia. Because we all know its not "Just in the Anime"


  1. But you still play, right?

  2. by girls you mean a harem right?

    how about just card reviews from here on out? something like the last post like Lequire?

  3. Really the game is all that, trigger line up, setting the field and then luck based for triggers. That's how you win. No complicated combos, no game-changing techniques. Just raw aggressive attacking.

    But you still play right?

  4. i wonder what do you think about new Murakumo unit in BT09...