Monday, October 31, 2011

Glorious Fang!

Hello and Hello everybody once again, and welcome back to SO IMBA!

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I am Rauzes, and today, we talk about Glamaeux.

Glameaux is a new grade 3 Royal Paladin, with an ability as vanguard to gain 1k for each of his dogs around, and an ability that lets him special call out these dogs from the deck.

Snowgal is a rather interesting unit. If you can line up 3 of them, they will each become 8k boost, equaling Marron in power.

And with the abilities of Grade 2 and 3 Glameaux, you can very well do so.

Fangs of Light Glameaux, the grade 3, has 10000 power, and the same ability as the grade 2: By discarding one Royal Paladin when he comes into play, special call one Snowgal (or bluegal) from the deck.

What this translates to is that when you call this unit, you can turn any one of your cards from your hand into a 6-8k boost.

Deck balance wise, this means that even if you end up with a situation where you have too many grade 2s and 3s, but not enough grade 1s, you can throw any card to make it a boost.

Even if you do have enough grade 1s, by throwing extra Pongals once you have gotten your soul saviour Dragon, you can pull out cards from your deck, making your deck thinner and the chance of triggers higher.

Since most boost units with effects have 7000 Power, by having two Snowgals out, you already clear the 15000 Line with grade 2.

While Grade 2 Glameaux is rather small in terms of size, Grade 3 is 10k, a good size, especially for rear guards.

But grade 3 Glameaux has a certain power hidden for when he is the vanguard.

He gains 1000 for each Snowgal and Bluegal in the field as Rearguards.

Thus, if he is the Vanguard, and there are 3 Snowgals behind, he will become 13000, with 8000 Boost: 21000.

Even without this, if there are 2 Snowgals, and 1 Bluegal still around from the starting Vanguard, he will reach 20000 attacking power.

And even so, there is another hidden power.

If you have 4 Snowgals as Rear guard, they will all become 9k, giving you 2 9k boosts, and 1 18000 Power total(Snowgal boost Snowgal)

This will also give Glameaux 4000 Power.

If your last Rear Guard circle is Bluegal, Glameaux will gain 5000 Power, and recieve a 9000 Boost, a grand total of 24000 Power.

If you happen to be attacking a grade 2 or a grade 3 with 9000 Power, thats just enough so 20000 Guardian is a 1 trigger break.

Freaking massive.

On the next turn, when they change to a 11k or 10k Vanguard, you simply need to change out the attacking rearguards to larger things, and your Glameaux will still retain 21000 Power, with a full force of 8000 Boosts behind anything.

Drop one Snowgal and Bluegal for 2 Baromedes, and the enemy will almost have to fold.

Thats all for today.

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