Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trigger Balance.

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Today, we'll be talking about Trigger balance: What triggers you should put into your deck.

Statistically speaking, of your 16 triggers, the following will happen in an average game...

One to three will end up in the Damage Zone...

Three to four will be drawn into your hand, doing nothing...

And 4 to 6 will be hit by Drive Check, during your turn, hopefully doing something.

And if you run 4 heal triggers, you will, on average, heal once a game, with 2 to 3being hit in the game.

So, taking these into account, lets run over the advantages and disadvantages of each trigger.

HEAL: Can be used with both Damage and Drive Check, but only 4 can be put in your deck.

DRAW: Can be used with both Damage and Drive check, but only has 5000 Shield, reducing its use once its in your hand.

CRITICAL: Can only be used on Drive Check, but deals more damage. And who doesn't like dealing more damage?

STAND: Can only be used on Drive Check, but stands your units to attack one more time. And everybody loves more attacks.

We can break triggers down into two categories:

Offensive: Triggers that will allow your attacks to be better,

and Defensive: Triggers that will work on your opponent's turn.

The offensive triggers will be your Critical and Stand, whilst your Defensive triggers will be your Draw and Heal.

Now, try to imagine a game you had recently.

Whilst you damage checked about 5 to 7 times, you certainly took a Drive Check much more often than that.

Defensive triggers still retain their effect on your turn, just that they will also come into play on the opponents turn as well.

Take a quick look at the numbers I presented above, about the number of triggers that end up where by the end of the game.

From this, the conclusion that can be reached is that you will want to have not exactly 8 Defensive Triggers, but instead slightly less, around 6.

The other 10 Triggers should ideally be offensive triggers.

The 6 Defensive triggers will ensure that of the two to three triggers that end up in the damage zone, at least 1 will be a draw or heal, giving you advantage.

Whilst some decks prefer 12 offensive, and 4 Heal, this doesn't exactly capitalize on the amount of damage you take.

Additionally, some clans currently don't have any choice as to their arrangement of triggers.

The 4 Crit/4 Stand/4 Heal/4 Draw build has been popularized thanks to Trial Decks, but should be tweaked slightly, in fact.

the 6 Crit/4 Stand/4 Heal/2 Draw will capitalize best on where cards tend to end up, as opposed to raw luck.

That's all for today, everyone.

Tune in tomorrow, for another post in SO IMBA!

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