Monday, October 3, 2011

Split The Critical Trigger!

Hello, hello everybody, and welcome back to So Imba!

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

The day is Sunday, October 2nd, and I am Rauzes, here to discuss about Critical Trigger Splitting.

First and foremost, I'm sorry for the lack of post yesterday. My internet died because my housemate forgot to pay for internet.

Sad story. Story of all our lives. True story. Tell it again.

Anyhows, I had somebody ask me about my little "Catch Phrase", "Where We learn how to be a better card fighter".

"But, if you're the one teaching all of us the technique and things to learn, why do you say we? Shouldn't it be 'where you learn how to be a better card fighter!' ?"

Actually, that's not entirely true.

I am learning just as much as you are.

What I write about, the concepts and techniques, is something I look up from various sources around the web and from discussions.

Most of what I write about... I have never learned for myself before.

So what you learn is what I have learned. I'm just passing along the word.

Hence, not only you learn to be a better card fighter, I do too!

WE learn how to card fight better!

Today, we discuss a rather interesting concept... Splitting Critical Triggers.

So what's the split Critical?

"Splitting" a trigger is a term used for putting the +5000 of a Critical or Stand trigger onto different units than putting the critical or stand effect.

But... why on earth would you want to put a critical effect on another unit... when your Vanguard's attack already went through?

Although, yes, most of the time, you would want to put the critical on the unit who's attack already went through, and the power on another, so it would be harder to guard.

But, you can also try to force the opponent to guard, in order to burn through cards.

One of the easiest ways to force a guard from the opponent is to have a low power unit attacking... with two critical.

Even if the opponent has one or two damage, it's highly unlikely that the enemy will let that attack through, and might even throw a few grade 1 or 2s to guard.

Hence this is where the Critical Split comes in.

When you attack with your Vanguard, and hit a critical trigger, instead of putting the power and critical to your vanguard to push for damage and break the guard,

Instead put one critical on one of your rear guards, and the power on yet another rear guard.

This will make the opponent prioritize guarding the one with critical, and put less importance on guarding the one with the power, allowing its attack to go through easily.

So, as opposed to the 2 damage from Vanguard, and maybe 1 from the Rear Guard...

the opponent at the end of your turn has 1 damage from your rear guard, and has used a lot of cards to guard your unit with the increased critical.

While this might seem like a bad idea, as I mentioned several times before, burning through the opponents cards in the early game is very important.

Some other factors that might come into play:

Some cards gain their effect when their attack hits, such as soul charging or drawing cards. By putting the power of the trigger onto this unit, it allows this attack to hit a bit easier.

Heal triggers will only work if you have more damage than the opponent. Hence, if you only put one damage on the opponent, sometimes this will completely shut down their heal triggers, even for one turn.

By splitting the critical trigger, and preventing the opponent from gaining too many damage, it might shut down the enemy's counterblast, thus making them not play that Blaster Blade, to save it for next turn. Thus, one less attack to worry about.

That's about it for today.

See you next time, right here on So Imba!

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