Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stern Blaukunger

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Today's post is rather short, and about stern Blaukunger, the new ace unit of nova grapplers.

By counter blasting 2 and discarding 2, Blaukunger gains the ability to attack once more, as a vanguard, along with his boost.

Now, While his multiple attacks might not seem threatening, especially since there's only one drive check the second time around, stern Blaukunger has a hidden ability.

Note that the card never specifies that you can only activate it's ability once per turn.

This means that, if played correctly, he can attack three times in one turn!

Scary enough?

How about combining with dancing wolf. Whilst you don't get a second drive check, you do get even more power.

Just imagine breaking a 2 trigger break, recovering with +10000 power, and giving dancing wolf another 3000 to become a 10000 boost!

Attack with 31000 power, and drive check another time !

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  1. Not to mention, that if said trigger is a Critical Trigger, the Critical+1 effect would stay with Stern Blaukruger (if you do place that Critical +1 ability from a Critical Trigger with Stern Blaukruger) when it attacks again.