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Full Blast

HARO and HARO everybody, and a warm welcome back to SO IMBA!,

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Today is October 11th, Two Thousand and Eleven, Tuesday.

Just a really quick reminder to everyone that Thursday, October 13th, so this thursday, is International Suit Up Day.

Wear a suit to work!
Wear a suit to school!
Wear a suit to sports!
Wear a suit to watch sports!
Wear a suit to watch cheerleaders in between sports!
Wear a suit to perform the cheer leading!

Wear a suit to VANGUARD!

Today, we will be discussing Full Blast.

Say what blast?

Full Blast.
Or, as some would like to say: 行くぞ。ファイナル・ターン!フルブラスト発動!!

Full Blast is the term used for card with the following Text:
[V] Soulblast(8), Counter Blast(5):

And they all have:
[V] At the beginning of your main phase, Soul Charge (1), and

Full Blast units are called so because they WILL use up all of your counter blast, as well as all of your soul.

As the Full Blast units have a soul charging ability, in theory, with enough time and good playing, they can set themselves up for a full blast.

However, in most games, you wont last quite as long, especially without counterblast support, so you would have to use cards that give some form of soul charging, in order to rack up enough soul to activate the full blast.

Very few Full Blast units are frequently seen in common play for two main reasons:
The first is how hard it is to pull off, especially without added deck support and devotion.
and the second is that most of these effects... just don't add up...

as in: They aren't worth Full Blasting for.

Here are some examples of Full Blasts:

Destroy all Enemy Rear Guards
Draw 5 Cards(ohoho we all know who this is)
Destroy 3 Rear Guards
Move 3 Rear Guards to Soul
Move 1 Rear Guard to Vanguard
Special Call up to 5.
Stand all Units

Now, lets take a quick look at whether these all add up.

Card Advantage wise, Lo Bell and Vortex Dragon are quite frankly, out.

Soul Blast of 8 AND a Counter Blast of 5 isnt quite worth the 3 Cards advantage that they give.

Simply put, instead of using your counter blast and soul on those 3 cards, you could be using them on other cards, such as Berserk Dragon, or Nightmare Doll Alice, to give you effectively, the same amount of advantage.

Next up are the cards that give 5 advantage... In Theory.

I'm talking Baskirk and United Attacker.

Both have effects that allow them to special call 5 Cards, supposedly adding up: In Theory...

But most good players will never ever use their Full Blast abilities.

Why? Because although they can give 5 Advantage, most of the time, they wont.

When you have 8 Soul, 5 Damage, and are ready to rev up your Full Blast... for the final turn...

Do you have absolutely Zero rear guards?

Of. Course. Not.

At the end stage of games, chances are that you have quite a few rear guards hanging around chilling out, doing work.

So, while, advantage wise they may seem good, but actual play wise, they run into some problems.

First, with United attacker:

Spike Brothers without 4 Juggernaut/4 Skydiver? Must Be 4 Juggernaut/2 Skydiver/2 General.

Quite frankly. Spike Brothers dont really have other choices for their Grade 3. Juggernaut and Skydiver are just that good.

On top of that, General Zaifreed is already your dedicated Vanguard unit, so hence, United Attacker doesnt really have a spot on the team.

Sorry, big ol Ogre, but you're getting Benched.

Next up is Baskirk.

Yes, he can call the Kraken, but unlike United Attacker, Granblue as a clan doesn't really have much choice for dedicated Vanguard Grade 3 Units.

Baskirk actually does have it's uses, but not for his Full Blast.

First off, his soul Charge.

Whilst Granblue doesnt usually use Soul Blast, there is one very good card that utilizes it very well: Dancing Cutlass.

Considered a mainstay in Granblue builds, Dancing Cutlass provides the stepping stone to Captain Nightmist or Samurai Spirit at next to no cost, because Granblue doesn't use soul all that often.

Hence, by giving a soul charge every turn, you are feeding Dancing Cutlass, while becoming a 20k Attacker.

In Granblue, the counterblasts are better used in reviving your Rear Guards to do battle, so forget completely about using Bakirks Full Blast. Its just not worth it.

The cards that either Destroy all Rear Guards or Give 5 Draw are actually worth your time to aim for, but do take a long time to set up.

Simply put, instead of garnering 5 card advantage, think of it more as a way instead to be burn through Guardians.

The last 3 are Steil Vampir, Mr. Invincible, and CEO Amaterasu.

First up is the CEO herself.

Reasons to use this card?
Other 2 effects. Nuff said.

Although CEO's Full Blast isnt something you actively aim for, it could very well be in your deck, since the 5 draw in any deck at all is amazing.

Steil Vampir is another good example of a Full Blast.

What allows Dark Irregulars to use Full Blast so well is that they exceed at fast and strong soul charge, allowing your first effect condition to be met easily, but also that they don't have too many Counter Blast units, so your damage zone will probably be open for a long time.

Hence, the Dark Irregular's Full Blast units are actually quite achievable.

The last one in line is Mr. Invincible.

Mr Invincible is almost as imba as CEO Amaterasu, only without the +4000 Power.

Not only does its effect help open damage, setting up the counter blast needed for the effect,

but it is one of the very few cards in the game

That can stand your vanguard, whilst retaining the Twin Drive.

Just those additional drive checks give +2 Advantage.

Then you have 3 more full power attacks.

Its as if your opponent's turn never happened.

That's right.

Mr. Invincible Full Blast might as well read:

When this unit's attack hits, Full Blast to SKIP THE OPPONENT'S NEXT TURN

Suddenly he becomes one of the most imba cards in the game, right?

Not quite.

Nova Grapplers soul charge...

Very... very... horribly.

Out of the entire clan, only Mr. Invincible can soul charge, meaning that your Tornado Stand Galactica will take up a lot of time to set up.

Too bad, I guess.

Maybe run a Mr. Invincible deck that Utilizes Dark Irregular's Soul Charging abilities, and Nova Grappler's counter cost recovery?

That's all for today.

See you next time on SO IMBA!

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