Saturday, October 22, 2011

8000 Boost

Hello and Welcome back to SO IMBA!,

where we learn how to be a better Card Fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing about 8000 Boost Units.

First off, sorry for not posting for nearly a week. I've been really busy this week with...

1: Organizing a huge project on Monday.

2: Organizing as committee for an ANIME CONVENTION on Saturday

3: Cheerleading for Friday.
Wimps lift weights. Real men involve lift people.

But now all of that is Over!

And that means we can get back to our regularly scheduled dose of IMBA Strategies and tips!

So today, we discuss 8000 Boost

Grade 1 Units with 8000 Power, as well as grade 2 Units with 10000 power might not seem like much, but if you think they don't have uses, you've been playing too many other games.

Yes, they don't have effects, but their power gives them as much an advantage as you ever need.

Grade 2 10000 Power Units can hit a grade 3 without any boost, but what about Grade 1s?

Grade 1 8000 Power might not seem like much, but today, we prove all of that wrong.

Each clan only has 1 8000 Power Grade 1 unit, only one type of 8000 Boost.

However, most clans will have a good variety of 7000 Power units, so why cant we just pack those instead? Those seem to have pretty nice effects.

Yes, you can, but 8000 Power has one more thousand power, which is very important in crossing the: 21000 Power Line.

The 21000 Power line doesnt make much of a difference when up against 10000 Power Vanguard Units, but it sure does when up against 11000 Power.

Besides, when up against 10k Power, who can complain?

It is only with 8k Boost that Units that become 13000 Power alone can breach the 21000 Power line.

The only other way to breach this line is with Sakuya or CEO Amaterasu... who go to 14000 Power with more than 4 cards in the hand, as well as have a 10k Boost from Milk, going up to 24000 Power as a Vanguard.

Other clans, however, have to stick with units that can only get up to 13000 Power...

Meaning their only way of getting over 21000 Power is having the 8k Boost.

By getting over this power, it effectively equates to an additional card every turn, as the opponent needs to guard the attacks.

8k Boosts are, however, quite valuable.

Unlike Grade 2 Vanillas, their ability is irreplaceable.

Grade 2 Vanillas's 10k Power is the same as any grade 3, for the most part, minus the intercept, so the deck will have plenty of 10k Power units to fight for you.

However, grade 1 8k Boosts are much more valuable because in any one clan deck, you can only run four.

8000 Boosts also allow the making of 20000 Power with units that can become 12000 Power.

Practical gameplay wise, you will be seeing more 10000 Power Vanguards with the ability to boost up an additional 3k when attacking.

Thus, units that can gain 2k for soul charging can benefit from this to easily become 20k.

What about by themselves?

Actually, most decks utilize some form of low power Grade 2 Units for one reason or another...

Low power being 8k Power only.

So, as a grade 1, you can call these as attackers to try to take down that special intercept, then drop them to the backrow on the next turn, to serve as boost.

Thats all for today.

See you next time, on SO IMBA!

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