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4 Chappie Splash

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Today, we talk Chappie the Ghost.

Chappie the Ghost is a Grade 0 10k shield Granblue card, with a rather fun effect:

When you use him as a guardian, you can send a Granblue Card from your deck to the drop zone.

(Completely regardless of your vanguard)

So, usually, players using Granblue would put in about 2 or 3, for a tiny bit extra shielding, and because its effect is pretty good, as a pinpoint search.

That being said, its popularity has been going down since the release of Dancing Cutlass. Players seem to just max out on Guiding Zombie and Baskirk, and use Soul Charge -> Guiding Zombie -> Dancing Cutlass -> 1 Draw to send a grand total of 5 cards to the drop zone, whilst drawing one card.

This allows the granblue player to have much more cards with effects in the drop zone there, as opposed to just one.

On top of this, Guiding Zombie has the same 10k shield, giving the player the same amount of protection over the course of the game.

But that's a story for another day.

Todays story is about Chappie, and instead of using it in Granblue Decks that you pinpoint drop any card you happen to need, just putting 4 into any deck, to increase the chance of triggers.

Chappie can actually be used as a 10k shield, followed by it being used to send another Chappie to the drop zone, thinning out the deck.

This ability allows you to run them in any deck at all, so long as you have something to drop.

By running 4, you effectively have 2 extra 10k Shields, as well as a 47 card deck, as opposed to 49.

In decks such as CEO Oracle Think Tank decks, more importance is placed upon having many cards in the hand and drawing, hence either 4 to 8 Draw triggers.

However, adding on more draw triggers will lead to a slight imbalance in defensive power, and you will need to add in 10k Shield Cards.

Perhaps throwing in 4 Chappie is the solution to this.

Keep in mind that this effect is compulsory, not optional.

But who can say no to an increase in trigger chance?

Thats all for today.

This is Rauzes, signing out.

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