Thursday, October 6, 2011

Superior RIDE! GRADE 3!

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Today, I'd like to share with you a decklist for Superior Ride.

Grade 3, with their Twin Drive, are extremely powerful, the exact reason why you cannot afford to lag behind the opponent in terms of Grade.

The first player to reach Grade 3 is at such a major advantage, Its very hard for the opponent to catch up...

If you go first, and can Superior Ride to grade 3 before the opponent even hits Grade 2...

They are at a pretty big disadvantage...

Not only can they not hit you without boosts on their turn, but they have to sit through two rounds of Twin Drive before they get there themselves.


Grade 3: 8

2 Blazing Flare Dragon
2 Embodiment of Victory Aleph
4 Draconic Overlord

Grade 2: 12

4 Blazing Core Dragon
4 Dragon Knight Aleph
4 Dragon Knight Nehalem

Grade 1: 14

4 Embodiment of Armor Bahr
4 Iron Tail Dragon
2 Dragonic Imam Kinnala
2 Fire of Hope Aermo
2 Wyvern Guard Barri

Grade 0: 17

1 Lizard Soldier Conroe (First Vanguard)

4 Embodiment of Spear Tahr(CRIT)
4 Gattling Claw Dragon(DRAW)
4 Blue Ray Dracokid(CRIT)/Lizard Runner Nabudo(STND)
4 Dragon Monk Ghenjo(HEAL)

As you could probally see from the decklist, this deck runs not one, but TWO reliable ways to quickly ride from Grade 2 to Grade 3, Dragon Knight Aleph and Blazing Core Dragon.

By utilizing these two engines to victory, reaching Grade 3 and pushing out damage quickly becomes easier and faster.

Give it a spin.

This is Rauzes, and you're reading SO IMBA!, where we learn how to be a better card fighter!

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