Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cat Butler

Hello everyone, and welcome back to SO IMBA!,

where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am Rauzes, and today, we abuse Cat Butler.

Now, as you know, Cat Butler is a Nova Grappler, grade 0 with 5000 Power... With a rather unique ability...

If your Vanguard's ability did NOT hit, you can stand your Vanguard by retiring him.

But only if the Vanguard is Grade 2 or Below.

Not a problem, right?

Actually, this simply means you drive checked one more time, at the sacrifice of one card. An advantage difference of 0.


Except for the fact that you DRIVE CHECKED.

If you get a trigger with the Drive check, you can gain more power, and utilize the effect.

Usually, this power would be used to hit the enemy, since you can put the power anywhere.


You put the power gained onto the unit behind your Vanguard.

The secret to using Cat Butler is to NOT boost your Vanguard, but still put something there.

Ride a unit that has lower power than the opponents Vanguard, and deliberately plan to utilize Cat Butler's Ability.

How it goes down is like this:

You attack, and since your power is lower than the enemy Vanguard's, your attack cannot hit unless you hit one trigger.

You drive check, and if you get a trigger, you apply the effects such as giving critical to the Vanguard, but give the power to the rear guard behind the vanguard.

This allows you to activate Cat Butler's ability, standing your Vanguard, and then you can attack a second time(or 3rd time if using 2 or more Cat Butler), this time giving the boost.

Since you pumped the rear guard behind your Vanguard, the total power will be the same, 5000 From each trigger, and forcing the enemy to guard thanks to the Critical Triggers.

Now... If only there were a Grade 2 Nova Grappler unit who could realistically attack with such high power, he could Tackle grade 3 11k Vanguards or Grade 3+ 13k Vanguards...

Oh. wait.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Genocide Jack.

As Vanguard, Genocide Jack gains an additional 5000 Power... When boosted.

If you DONT boost, he simply attacks for 11k Power...

Just right for taking down Grade 3+ Vanguards!

Use Cat Butler to gain triggers worth 3-4 Drive Checks, then boost with Doguu Mechanic.

Even without any triggers, thats 23000 Power. 15k Guard against Grade 3+!
(One trigger break~)

And add on another 5000 Power for each trigger you get, and suddenly Genocide Jack seems... not quite a normal Grade 2!

Why bother to ride to grade 3 and then to Grade 3+... when you just have to keep attacking with Genocide Jack?

The trick is to save up on your Cat Butlers until they ride Grade 3+... At their 4th Turn...

You have an inherent 1 Card Advantage over them(they get twin drive once), without losing power.

Since you've been attacking for... I dunno two or three times at this stage, they should have somewhere around 3-4 Damage.

Stack an inherent card disadvantage due to riding on top of that, and its highly unlikely the opponent will have any cards to be ready for an attack... that used Drive check FIVE times!


  1. This deck is funny, but too inconsistent if you dot draw Neko you will lose most of the time. I have been playing it on Byond till monday and it is loses advantage too fast.

  2. its actually INSANELY competitive if you build it right