Monday, November 21, 2011

Amon Flare

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to SO IMBA!,

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I am Rauzes, and today, we discuss an interesting mix clan style:

Amon Flare.

Just like the name of the deck suggests, the deck revolves around Amon, with his high attack and ability to turn any Dark Irregular into a 1:1 Removal, and Blazing Flare Dragon.

The deck runs with a Dark Irregulars core, meaning most of the cards in the deck utilize Dark Irregulars and their Soul Charging abilities.

However, unlike classic Dark Irregulars builds, the deck doesn't necessarily use a massive amount of Soul for Amon.

Thus, instead of using cards such as Amon grade 1 and 2, the deck can function with only 3 or 4 soul under the Vanguard.

Because with only 4 Dark Irregulars in the soul, Amon goes to 14000 Power by himself. Put a 8k Boost behind, and he goes to 22k, needing another 3000 Power to breach the next power line.

Of course, this doesnt mean you dont run any extra soul Charging.

The deck uses many extra Soul Charging abilities as well.

Since the deck prioritizes high Power attacks and torturous removal over tricky effects such as Full Blasts or Multi Stand, your counter blast is used instead of Full Blast for removal effects of Gwynn the Ripper and Amon.

This is where the "Flare" bit of the deck comes in.

By running 4 Extra Blazing Flare dragon and 3/4 Bahr(Or Johka) as the only Kagerou cards in the deck, you can, with one Counter blast and one Dark Irregular, score a "Retire", powering up Blazing Flare!

With 13000 Power, only a 8k boost will push this guy over the 21000 Power line. 22k if Johka was boosting.

Counter Blast a second time, and the two together will breach 28k Power.

Actually, not only Johka can be used.

With Dark Irregulars, you can instead use Doreen the Thruster as boost, to get the same effect.

Meaning this deck can effectively run EIGHT 6+3k Multi Stack Boosters!


Amon as Vanguard(Lets just say... 6 soul), Boosted by Johka.
As a rear Guard, you have one Blazing Flare, boosted by Doreen.

Call one Skull Juggler. Soul Charge one. Doreen +3k.
Amon Counter Blast. Soul Charge one to kill one. Doreen, Blazing Flare, Johka +3k Each.
Call one Prisoner Beast.
Amon Counterblast. Soul Charge one to Kill one. Doreen, Blazing Flare, Johka +3k Each.

Total:Johka is 12k Boost, boosting a 19k Attacker Vanguard(31k Total), Blazing Flare has 16k, being boosted by Dorreen, who is 15k(31k Total)

The opponent has already lost 2 Cards.

Because Dark Irregulars has Absolute crap for Triggers, you get one Stand Trigger and no critical. You push in 3 Damage, of one your opponent heals(Enemy at 4 Damage).

The next turn, you take... lets say 2 Damage and are left with only one Blazing Flare in your hand... But the opponent only has 3-4 Cards in their Hand.

What do you do? You dont have Dark Irregulars to Soul Charge to Amon!

Well, you do what any good player does: declare FINAL TURN!

RIDE! Blazing Flare Dragon!

Because you now have 10 Soul under your Vanguard, thanks to Amon's rampant Soul Charging, you can use Blazing Flare's Ability Twice!

BURN two of those impudent fools!

Johka +6k, Blazing Flare(s) +6k Each.
Blazing Flare +Doreen will be 22k, and your Vanguard is 28k.

After the damage done by the brutal attacks the previous turn, as well as those 4 Units you have just ruthlessly Slain, its highly unlikely the opponent was READY for such high power attacks the next turn, since you burned through a lot of cards as well.

Thus, its unlikely they will be able to guard your attacks.


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