Friday, November 4, 2011

Guard Griffin

Good evening.

I'm teenage heartthrob, Rauzes, and it is my honor to be hosting today's show on So Imba, where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

Today, we discuss Guard Griffin.

Guard Griffin is a 6000 Boost at Grade 1 that can Counterblast when it enters the Guardian Circle to become a 10k Shield.


For the counter blast cost of 1... is it really worth it for another 5k shield?

In terms of counter blast, each counter blast is worth approximately one half a card, or two counter blast is a +1 in card advantage.

So, concept wise, one counter blast for one more shield of 5k is worth it, no?

As holy disaster dragon illustrates for us, one card is worth 5000 Power as a guardian, so one counter blast is a pretty sweet deal, right?

What people don't realize is that there is, in fact, a card already out in the game that does this... only better!

Lizard Runner Undeaux!

Formerly used before the advent of Conroe for the first vanguard, the grade 0 Vanilla is, in fact, an upgrade of Guard Griffon!

It has 10000 Shield permanently, and since grade 0s can be used as boost as well, it will function also as 6k boost.

Perhaps you should consider playing in some of them, just for the flexibility between the boost and shield?

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