Monday, November 28, 2011


Hello everyone, and welcome back to SO IMBA!

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I am Rauzes, and today, we discuss Invinci-Overlord... Post Booster 5!

So, as you know, Draconic Overlord is getting his own Special Boost... In the same way Alfred has Lion Mare Stallion.

Soul Blast 1 to become a 10k Boost.

Which is awesome, since Overlord can attack with 21000 Power.

Unless, of course, you counter blast, giving it 26000 Power... without triggers.

But, the counter blast cost of 3 is rather steep, no?

Thats where Mr. Invincible Comes in.

The concept behind Invinci-Overlord is to abuse Invincible and Nova Grappler's ability to open damage, and use Overlord to completely obliterate the rear guards.

The problem with the deck is that your soul every turn... does nothing.


With Flame of Promises Aermo, you can boost and attack with 26000 Power against a Rear guard... Multiple times!

Who wouldn't want that?

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