Saturday, November 5, 2011

Special Boost

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Today's topic is Special Boost.

I'm sure everyone has seen these guys around. Most clans have one.

"R: When Boosting , this Unit Gains 4000 Power(To become 10000 Boost Power)"

Cards like Wingal, Doranbau, Wyvern Strike Jarran, Queen of Heart, Nightmare Baby.

There are also a Vanguard Special Boost, units that, when a certain condition is met, becomes a 10k boost, but only for your Vanguard.

These are cards such as Lizard Soldier Raopia, Weather Girl Milk, Glory Maker, Stealth Millibird, And Evil Shade.

First up are the normal normal boost.

The partner units for these are all Grade 2 units, which makes sense.

If their partners were grade 3 Units, they would be able to hit 20000 Power every turn with ease.

But what about usability?

Usually, when attacking the Grade 3 Vanguard, only 2 Numbers matter: 21000 and 20000.

Both of these means that the 11000 and 10000 Power vanguard will have to throw at least a 15000 Power guard, instead of just 10000.

But most of these units that get boosted have... either 9000 or 8000 Power!

In actuality, they become 19000 and 18000 power, respectively.

Yet, while attacking the Vanguard, they are still 10000 Power Guard.

What if you put another 6000 Boost?

15000, and 14000 Power, respectively.

Still a 10000 Guard. Or worse, 5000.

Instead, lets put a 7000 Power Boost, pretty standard for units with effects, right?

16000 and 15000. Both, against a 10000 Vanguard, will be a 10000 Shield.

So, in actuality, the special boost did... Nothing.

It wastes space, by taking up space which could very well be higher power boosting units.

There are a few exceptions to this, though.

Blue Dust, who usually will go after Rear guards, can benefit from this 10000 Boost, especially against 8000 and 9000 Rear Guards.

By going over 19000 Power, it becomes a 15000 Guard for both, quite problematic for the opponent, especially since Blue Dust gets to soul charge when it hits.

More often than not, 15000 Guard means that guarding will take up more cards that just letting the attack hit, so it wont be a good idea.

Queen of Hearts is the only exception to this rule. When boosting King of Swords, a Grade 2 Vanilla, becoming 20000 Power, meaning that, if you choose to use her, you can hit 20000 Power, meaning that the enemy has to use a 15000 Power Guard, as long as they have a 10000 Power Vanguard.

Whilst I would suggest Lean, Sutherland's special boost, It is highly situational.

It does go to 21000 Power, so long as you have both Lean AND Sutherland as well as retiring a unit, making it much more situational than other combos.

Doranbau can boost Blaster Dark as Vanguard to 20000, very big as grade 2.

But when you reach grade 3, Doranbau becomes just another 6000 boost, pretty useless, except for feeding to Phantom Blaster Dragon.

Wyvern Strike Jarran boosting Tejas will attack with 18000 to the boosting guards, almost ensuring a kill of the boost units, but just a normal boost will be able to burn through advantage much easier.

On top of that, Kagerous have much more better selection of grade 1s.

So, in conclusion, most of the special boost units are not actually worth it to play in, but for stability and power, you are better off playing in cards that have higher power or more deck stabilizing effects.

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