Saturday, December 3, 2011

Imperial Daughter

Hello everyone, and welcome back to SO IMBA!,

where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I'm Rauzes, and today, we discuss Imperial Daughter.

Wait. What?

That crappy card? I thought we were going to discuss how Promise Daughter is rather good in 8 Draw Oracle?

Imperial Daughter is a card that requires either no rear guards, or to send one Oracle Think Tank unit to soul in order to lose Restraint, allowing it to attack.

Obviously, you will want to use this second way of losing restraint, no?

Without its 10k Power boost, you have to put a boost behind, in order to gain some decent advantage.

So, first put two units out, especially units such as Battle Sister Cocoa who can do something when coming into play to check the top card, then boost Imperial Daughter, and feed the battle sister.

Units that have effects when coming into play... sounds a lot like Sakuya Oracle think tanks, no?

So by utilizing cards such as Luck Bird, which have effects when coming into play... but also utilize Soul, you can form a way of keeping Imperial Daughter up and running for a long period of time.

Another way to utilize Imperial Daughter is to gain a state where you have no rear guards... AFTER attacking.

This can be achieved by using Juggernaut Maximum and High Speed Blacky.

This goes hand in hand with the soul blasting abilities and soul charging abilities the deck utilizes.

Thats all for today.


  1. Hey Rauzes. I wanna ask if u think imperial daughter is worth trying out??