Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Void Master -in- MLB

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I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing Void Master in MLB builds!

A Nubatama card from BT01, Void Master is a rather... ignorable card at first glance.

For starters, since Nubatama is not a clan that can stand alone, most of the cards in the clan are outright ignored.

Void Master has a very powerful ability: When his attack hits(anything), you can counter blast 1 to force the opponent to discard one card if they have more hand than you do.

However, the uses of this is highly limited, since most decks either have: No space to fit him, absolutely no desire to ride a 9k, use up their counter blast anyhow, and aim at maintaining a larger hand than the opponent.

Hence, from this, the only deck that would fit Void Master as a considered choice are decks that have G3 space, ability to tutor their G3 ride well, doesnt use up their counter blast much, and has trouble maintaining a large hand.

Now, if you think about it, MLB decks are precisely this.

With Wingal Brave to tutor their MLB ride, and the only counter blast in the deck being Blaster Blade, there are plenty of slots in the deck to fit Void Master, considering the rate at which MLB burns through their hand.

 Since MLB is already a mixed clan deck, theres nothing people can do to stop you!

Use it as an alternative, or alongside Baromedes, and play in 2. Void Master will apply large amounts of pressure on the opponent to guard and protect his units, allowing MLB and Baromedes to go in for damage.

So your G3 lineup would be something like:
3 MLB, 2 Void Master, 2 Baromedes

Another clan that could consider Void Master is Machining style Megacolony.

Unlike MLB, Megacolony lacks many tutor cards, but they do benefit from some things:

Their key units in that make up the power engine of the deck do not specify having a Megacolony Vanguard.

Machining Mantis and Hornet only look at Machining in the soul, their Stand locking units dont specify what vanguard you have. The only one that looks at clan is Combatant B, which only looks at the unit hes boosting.

Throw in one or two Void Master just to even out the card advantage gap.

Have fun

Until next time, see ya.

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