Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing the deck of the man called Emperor, Dimension Police.

Lets start with the decklist:

4 Enigman Storm
3 Miracle Beauty

3 Enigman Wave
3 Cosmo BEAK
3 Enigroid Comrade
2 Super Dimensional Robot Dai Lady

4 Enigman Ripple
3 Kalenloid Daisy
3 Commander Laurel
3 Diamond Ace
2 Glory Maker

1 Engiman Flow
4 Cosmo FANG
4 Guide Dolphin
4 Justice Cobalt
4 Justice Rose
(8 Stand, 4 Crit, 4 Heal)

Now, for a while, Inigman Rain style decks were the in thing for DP. Seriously, who can say no to an OTK without Critical Triggers?

But, thinking about it, Laurel/Storm is much stronger because of the stability of the ride and the support in the form of Enigroid Comrade.

Lets talk commander Laurel.
While he allows your deck to take a very control/defensive stance with no problem, he will burn out your deck if youre not careful.

The trick to playing DP correctly is to balance the need for extra cards and extra control with the opportunities to go for damage.
This deck plays in 4 Critical Triggers for this precise reason: It gives your deck the much needed damage that it lacks from constantly attacking rear guards.

Decking out is a fear all DP players must face, so lets crunch some numbers, shall we?

You start with 43 Cards in the deck(draw 1).
Ride ripple, and search wave.
Deck 42.
Drive Check Deck 41.
Damage X2 = Deck 39.
Draw, Ride. Deck 38.
Use Ripple to search Storm. Deck 37.
Attack and drive check. Deck 36.
Eat Damage X2. Deck 34.
Draw, Ride storm. Deck 32.
Twin Drive. Deck 30.

Does this sound about right?
That is normal for most games that you play with Dimension Police. By the time you ride G3, your deck is close to 30 cards.

Now, Laurel's effect gives you another twin drive, so each turn you will burn 5 cards, one for draw, and 4 for 2 twin drives.

At this point, when you ride G3, the recommended number of times to activate Laurel's effect is:
At most, 5 times.

Now, if you rip triggers, you can add critical and do miracle beauty full line stands, etc. So two twin drives is a very good thing.

So, each time you double twin drive, you are missing out on chances on actually punching in damage. Dont forget to keep pushing damage in!

Keep in mind his synergy with Miracle Beauty. Ripping two stand triggers might give you a 3rd Twin Drive!

Build 20k lines on the side with Enigroid Comrade, Or strike fear with Miracle beauty.

The rear guard pressure is certainly on with 8 Stands and crits.

The reason we dont run any draw is that Laurel already gives you enough cards to survive well enough, if you play correctly.

Thats all for today.

Rauzes out

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  1. hi rauzes, may i know how's PBO deck doing in this current meta?