Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unit Stories

Seriously these unit stories are filled with mind-blow.

Did you know that
Lohengrin and Skull Face
Are the same person(at least the body)?

The story somewhat goes like this:
Lohengrin was once the strongest and most powerful heavy knight of the kingdom, calling his sword the "Evil Cleaver", and being known to be braver than demons.
Best known for being a brother to all his friends and comrades with a carefree attitude, despite his scary barbarian like appearance.

Skull Face:
Carriers of the keys to "Tartarus Gate", which brings the dead from hell to this world.
A formerly proud and well known knight, he was very kindhearted and cared a lot for his comrades. After his team was sent by a certain cold blooded commander(Maha, btw), to their deaths, he disappeared.
 The next time he was seen on the battlefield, his face had become the face of the dead, a skull, and had no resemblance to the holy knight he once was.
 His once gleaming white armor has now been stained a dark unclean black, along with his heart. Eventually it will eat up the rest of his ego as well.

Notice their armor, and mostly the cape.

Mind = Blown yet?


  1. What skull face card name in JP?
    I can't find the card -_-
    Is it from granblue?

  2. Knight of Purgatory, Skullface (Shadow Paladin)