Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

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I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we discuss another variant of Shadow Paladin: Based on the new Limit Break unit Ildorna

Formerly, Shadow Paladins had to rely almost 100% on the power of Phantom Blaster Dragon and Blaster Dark's Ride Chain.

However, with the release of Ildorna, Shadow Paladin has a cheaper and less defensive option available to them.

Ildorna is a unit that is about as good as Soul Saviour Dragon, with high power output when attacking the Vanguard.

 Here's an example deck list of a deck that utilizes Ildorna

4 Primordial Mage Ildorna
2 Dark Mage Babth Cath
2 Demon of the Silver Spear Guishion

4 Knight of Fighting Spirit Dordona
2 Dark Maiden Maha
2 Skull Witch Nemain
2 Dark Knight Rugoth/Cursed Lancer(either one)

4 Dark Sage Caron
3 Gururubau
3 Nostrum Witch Ahrianrod
3 Dark Shield Ma Gril
2 Darkside Pegasus

3 Grim Reaper
3 Death Feather Eagle
4 Darkside Trumpter
2 Abyss Freezer
4 Abyss Healer
1 Zappbau (FV)

Lets go over some of the Card Choices, shall we.

First off, Zappbau.
Because this deck is so fast and draw-heavy, you dont even need any skill with your First Vanguard!

Dark Side Pegasus:
Mainly used for food for Ildorna, he is one of the few cards that gives your units a decent power pump when coming into play, and becoming food straight afterward. Can easily be replaced with 1 more Ahrianrod and 1 Gururubau

Because theres not other 7k Boost... And this guy can move up and start whacking the vanguard, and be eaten by Ildorna when you finally get a G2

With Ildorna, Nemain is no longer the main draw source, so you dont need too many around to feed your draws.

Babth Cath:
Free food for Ildorna. Nuff said?

With other builds of Shadow Paladin, there are no other options for G3, so Guishion is just another choice for the high power on attack.

Dordona over Rugoth:
Because Dordona is cooler looking kthxbai

So, the basic strategy is to power rush in the early game with many CRIT and STAND.
With the lowered draw count, the deck will be both easier to defend as well as tougher on the offense.
Even if you only have 2 Draw triggers, you will find your draw power is beyond powerful enough with so many Nemain and Ildorna
The increased 10k Vanilla count is supplemented by the use of STAND triggers, just keep the pressure on with Ildorna.

Although the main chain of attack would be RG -> VG -> RG, keep an eye on your trigger count in your deck.
If your stand triggers are only 1 or 2 remaining, whilst you have a high count of CRIT, consider the lower possibility of your RG's boost coming back to stand, and just eat it up with Ildorna
What about the other unit Ildorna needs to eat?

Well, use the unit that boosted him!
Om Nom Nom!

Call Darkside Pegasus. Power up RG Dordona.
Boost with Darkside Pegasus
Attack Vanguard. Ildorna gains 3k Power.
Activate Ildorna's effect,
eating Darkside Pegasus and an Ahrianrod, draw 2 and Power +3k
Power: 10k + 6k + 3k+ 3k = 22k Power
Get! Stand Trigger! Stand Dordona(10k +2k Power)

On the other hand, if you have all your stand triggers already(Your opponent doesnt know that) attack with one RG, and eat up that RG and the unit behind it.

When playing the deck, keep into account that you are eating up your units at a very fast rate, and keep in mind how many of what unit grade are left before eating them up!

Thats all for Ildorna's deck.

Until next time, See ya!


  1. Ildorna is like a ceo amaterasu in a way that you draw 4 cards, 2 from the effect and 2 from the trigger check. the only problem of his is that he eats up your cards, the plus side, at least the useless cards can be used for the effect rather than being forced retired. nice build, but for me i would put fullbau, dark javelin and blaster dark cause at the starting game they replenish the hand

    1. at the cost of running 4 extra 6k useless units.
      And keep in mind that your counter blast is very limited

    2. yeah those really hurt, but it lets your deck be shuffled early in the game

  2. will the big 3 continue to get more support like this, or are they just gonna die out against the new clans?