Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meta after eb03

Hello everyone
My name is Rauzes

And I am a twin drive addict.

Anyhows, today my only post is the meta after eb03.

My thoughts on the top decks, in order, are:
THE END still prevalent
Gold paladins with Garmore/Blonde Eizel
PBO style still prevalent
Gold Paladins with spectral duke
Megacolony with master beetle
Nova grapplers playing Asura/Azure
Spike brothers.

That's all for today


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    2. They're with gran blue and barome/savior at tier 1.5

  2. hey erm , asura/azure wins garmore/blonde ezel and pbo. and they easily kills megacolony with stand.. so they must be 3rd

  3. garmore build/blonde eizel, how many garmore should i play?

    grade 1 and 2 line up?

    1. You should listen to somebody else because I'll tell you to play 1 Blonde Eizel, 4 Garmore, and 8 stand/no crit.

  4. First off the actual gap between these decks isnt that much. This isnt the tier list, it it Tier 1. As in all of these are more or less trampling everyone else.

    And tier ranking is determined by win rate against everything, not just individual clans.
    Yes Nova > Megacolony, but Megacolony can trample quite a lot of other decks.

    And Im pretty sure PBO can own Nova more times than not. Nova cant hit 23k, and that really hurts.

  5. Narukami is good if you know how to use it well, however their power to maintain their field presence isn't really that strong to reach Tier 1 yet. And the fact they ain't as versatile as Kagero for now.

    We will see as the game progresses. Hahas.

    Anyways, what's your take on Golden Paladin with Spectral Duke Dragon Build, Rauzes? I want to knw your opinion.

    Thanks ^^

    - Naoki

    1. I think spectral duke is very good because the 2 effects go hand in hand.

      It allows you to swarm out in early game with superior called G3s, G2s, and be boosting for high power, but also removing the in-the-way weak/out of place units in the later game.

      Spectral Dukes limit break can be used to burn out one more card or to re-construct your field, something Garmore/Blonde w/Vivian decks are bad at.

      I would prefer Garmore over Spectral duke because of price. thats it.

  6. But even u say that nova can't hit 23k, they still have stand to continuously attacking PBO. Plus azure dragon skill makes opp wanna guard, together with death metal droid, it will be painful. So far I used nova , I won a PBO deck then they win me. Is how u use against them. Well it comes down to personal preference and opinions though

  7. Then how would you build the Tier 1 Spike Brothers?

  8. Tier 1 SB? (the curve is probably very steep depending on skill)
    but even better than GB?

  9. Post a megacolony deck list.

  10. Post a megacolony deck list. I have no clue how to build em.

  11. Why would Megacolony become tier 1 with Master Beetle? He have a quite (1-off, normally) powerful effect but I fail to see how that push Megacolony from tier 2 ro tier 1...

  12. Why would Megacolony with master beetle is tier 1? I fail to see anything that made it significantly more powerful than older style of Megacolony.

  13. about the same as my prediction :P

    13k vanguards and MLB is still the way to go for tourneys

    Ezel/Garmore GP and Dragon Kaiser Nova comes next. Not so sure about the potential of SDD though...

    Megacolony definitely the best out of the subclans ATM. SB will get it's rank based on the players skill and flair for combo decks...

    just my 2 cents...

  14. In order? Means DOTE > MLB (Overall)? (I do not know much about the old meta so i am curious)

  15. hi rauzes, may i know how's PBO deck doing in this current meta?