Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Murakumo concepts

Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing Murakumo playing style, revamped!

I have two treats for you today: two ways to play Murakumo.

Now, as we all know, Murakumo is a dirt cheap clan, but tricky to build and very responsive to a players skill.

Quite the opposite to Neo Nectar, no?

Trivia, but Neo Nectar has recently been voted as the "most beginner friendly deck" in Vanguard. Word.

The first concept people have been playing Murakumo with is in Mixed Clan styles.

Now, while this solves the problem of not having any decent boosts by opening up potential to 4 more 8k boosts, this also will shut out the option of using Mandala Lord and ZANBAKU as your Vanguard, shutting out your 11ks.

Therefore, you have to use Kuramalord as your main Vanguard, giving you soul charge as well as counter blast to absolutely spam your Million Rat and Midnight Crow effects.

But, they're so weak! What do I do with such weak units?

Well, the trick lies in the Mix Clan concept.

Allow me to direct your attention to Cannon Gear.
When it comes into play, you must retire one of your RG.
Well, this works extremely well with Midnight Crow, where you want to be able to flood the field in the early game, but whoes effect kinda sucks in the late game, where power means more than numbers.
So, use either Million Rat or Midnight crow's effect to get a RG for 1 counter blast cost, and simply feed it to Cannon Gear!

Now, with Kurama Lord, you gain two things Murakumo doesnt take good use of: Counter Blast Cost, and Soul.

The trick lies with Megacolony.
By playing in some Lady Bomb and Master Fraud,  you can take good use of both of these costs, while getting advantage.

So, a decklist would look something like this.

4 Kuramalord
4 Master Fraud

4 Cannon Gear
3 Midnight Crow
4 Lady Bomb

4 Shijimamaru
4 Million Rat
3 Phantom Black
3 Leaf Mirage

4 Stand/4Crit/4 Draw/4 Heal
1 Evil Ferret

Well, this is all fine and dandy for mixed clans

But what if you dont want to play mixed clans?
What is a good up-to-date style of Murakumo to play?

4 Mandala Lord
2 Zanbaku
2 Musashi

4 Bloody Mist
3 Fushimi
3 Midnight Crow

4 Shijimamamaru
4 Million Rat
4 Leaf Mirage
3 Midareedge

Evil Ferret
4 Crit/4Stand/4Draw/4 Heal

Wait, what?
There are so many things wrong with this deck!
Its using so many of the weak useless cards!

Or... are there?

From previous styles, the Murakumo deck differs in the following ways:

Playing in Musashi
Playing in 3 Fushimi
Playing in 3 Midareedge

Lets start with Musashi.
 Now, the main problem with Murakumo decks is that they have low power output.
Murakumo is a control style deck, meaning that a good chunk of your attacks will be aimed at any vaguely threatening rear guard.
Hence, with a full field, MUSASHI will be able to attack at 12k power.

Although getting an 8k behind him will not be easy, even if you put a 6k behind him, his 18k total makes him a very good size to bully rear guards.
On top of that, once you stand him, he can attack at 12k, just large enough to hit Majesty Lord Blaster.
This is why we chose him.
That, and we already have 6 11k Vanguards. Why do we need even more options to ride? both are very good as V.

Moving on to Fushimi.
Now, I would normally recommend 2, but since theres one open slot for anything of 9k power and above, why not make it another Fushimi?

As I previously mentioned, Fushimi's effect allows him to shoot ANYTHING in the backrow.
Take out an early game corner Maron against RP
Take out an early game Wingal Brave
Take out that troublesome Cliff(since Blonde Eizel GP only plays like 6 G3 nowadays.

Putting a 6k(Million Rat) behind will give it a total of 15k Power + Triggers, so use this to your advantage and grab control of the game ASAP by taking out powerful FV units.

Our last "tech" is Midareedge.

Now, Murakumo formerly suffered from this ridiculous problem: Nothing. To. Boost.
 4 8ks and the 4 Million rat as boost is fixed, as with 3 Null guard, but what about the last slot?
That Vanguard's 10k boost is just too hard to achieve, so players have started playing in Midareedge.

With Evil ferret as your FV, you can call it to become a boost, and let it boost Midareedge for the early to mid game, before you use Evil Ferrets effect and call out some fighting power, and making Midaredge a boost.

Every attack is around 11k power, giving you the early game ability to burn through their shields or get some damage in, similar to how Neo Nectar plays their early game.

Also, Midaredge's on-hit-vanguard ability is quite useful, but dont bank on it searching out Mandala too often.

Thats all for today.
Until next time, see ya.


  1. the pure one, like my build
    the diff is
    fushimi <--> white mage (the unflip)
    metal edge <--> leaf racoon
    thanks for the explanation, i think i will change the racoon, but..what about white mage?
    is it not good?

  2. Damage unflip isnt that useful, since you dont usually use up all your counter blast and have time to open them.
    Even if you do open damage, it doesnt really matter, since the counter blast effects arent all that great.