Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Use Boost

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I am Rauzes, and today we discuss One Shot Boosters.

One shot boosters come in two flavors:

Either they are Stand triggers that boost 6k for once, before returning to the deck,

Or they are HEAL Triggers that boost for 6k for once, before returning to the deck at the end of the turn.

At this point in time, there are two triggers that do this: Battleriser, and Lozenge/Sphere Magus.

So you might be thinking: "But, Lozenge Magus and Sphere Magus are two different cards..."

No they are not.
They have the same damn effect, and you can only put a total of 4 in your deck. Do the math.

Today's discussion is about the usage of these guys, and more importantly, the timing.

Too often, I see players Ride to grade 1, Call them to rear guard...
And attack with Boost.



Both Stand and Heal triggers are Mid to Late game triggers, which really throw the enemy and game one way or another(as triggers are supposed to).

But, when you have 0 Damage, and 0 other Rear Guards, both of these triggers mean next to nothing...

So, why are you so intent to send them back to the deck?

Unlike Tachikaze's Critical or Dark Irregular's Stand triggers, these return to the deck regardless of the hit.

With the aforementioned two triggers, they're easier to send back in the early game, which is why you try to do so.

However, if you look carefully at Lozenge/Sphere/Battleriser, it sends itself back...

-1 Card Advantage.

Yeah, your triggers went back to the deck, but you could have done that any time, no?

The trick to using these one shot boosts is:

Making the enemy guard with at least 1 card, so the card advantage balances out.

For this to happen, the enemy must have about 4 to 5 damage, and want to guard your attacks.

Thus, you can use these one shot boosts to their full potential.

Additionally, since heal and stand triggers are more effective in the late game, by sending them back then, you reduce the rate of you getting these triggers earlier, whilst not having the conditions to make full use of them.

That's all for today, everyone.

You're reading SO IMBA!, where we learn to be a better card fighter.

This is Rauzes, signing out.

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  1. you are right,but most players cannot return them to the deck because one way or another they will boost a unit unlees they do not play any to one of the fdront rear guard circles