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Hello and hello everybody, and Welcome to So Imba!

Where we learn to be a better card fighter.

Today's topic is the Mulligan, or as we all know, the exchange of draws at the beginning of the game.

So, as you know, the game allows you to change any number of cards at the beginning of the game, and your objective is to mainly send back all the triggers, and try to get grades 1, 2, and 3.

But there is much, much more to the mulligan than this.

Yes, you should return all your triggers to the deck because... well, them being in the deck is where you want them to be.

But what about taking mulligans to a higher level?

Which cards should you return, and which cards should you try to amass?

The secret lies in whether you are going first, or second.

So lets take a look at the differences between first and second turn:

First turn: While you can not attack, you can ride first. Also, when going first, you can "Ride Accident" ONCE during the game, without being that... THAT much of an disadvantage.

Second turn: While you CAN attack and get your first drive check, you can NOT afford to have a "ride accident", because you are already getting to grade 3... with Twin Drive, slower...

So lets tackle the concepts shall we?

If you are going first, the objective of the mulligan is to get grade 1 and 2, but specifically, you want more grade 2s, and your Grade 1 8k power.

The reason you want to get your grade 1 8k guy ASAP is simple: Defense.

Because you cannot attack on the first turn, if you ride Maron, Bahr, and Friends, the opponent will NOT be able to attack you with much, unless they call units to provide boost...

Which is a bad idea, because on the next turn, their valuable(especially in early game) boosts are wide open for attack.

On top of this, if the enemy does NOT ride an 8k attacker, they have to boost themselves to try to damage you.

Then, when your first attack rolls around, you get the chance to ride to Grade 2, and call your grade 2 allies.

Most of the grade 2s have at least 8000 power.

If they dont... WHY ARE YOU USING THEM!?(yeah. Really. Why?)

Therefore, if on the second turn, if they ride/call 8k power units, you can easily attack them to take down them or their rear guards.

For example, if you special ride G2 Gallahad, then call 1 Gordon, and 1 Gallatin, all of these can attack, and damage the enemy's units with no problem, with no boost, hopefully garnering you advantage as you take down their rear guards.

Conclusion for going first:

Get one grade 1 8k power, and at least 2 grade 2 units.

Going second:

Unlike going first, you can attack on your first turn.

Once you ride to grade 1, you can call grade 1s and grade 0s to fight for you, hopefully pushing some damage, at least two, or maybe 3.

To do so, you will want to amass a large number of grade 1s, especially the 8k attackers.

The reason you will want to pump out 3 grade 1s to attack on your first turn is so that you can start racking up damage quickly, while you can move the rear guard grade 1s to the backrow, to use as boosts the next turn onwards.

This also means you will want to protect your rear guards for the next turn, so be ready to throw at least 1 unit as guard, preferably a grade 0.

Thus, when going second, you ideal starting hand will have at least:
0-1 Grade 0 10k shield, 2-3 Grade 1s, 1 Grade 2s.
And the objective of your first turn is to be agressive and push for damage.

Now that we've reviewed the more deeper tactics of mulligan, lets take an even deeper look.

Most players will simply aim to have 1 grade 1, 1 grade 2, and 1 grade 3.

But what most people dont see is that...

While getting a grade 1 to kick start the game is very important, you have 2 draw phases and 2 drive checks to get Grade 2, and 3 of each for Grade 3(assuming youre going second),

And so, the actual importance of getting a Grade 3 in your opening hand is NOT quite as important as you may think so.

But grade 1s and grade 2s are very important to start the game off with.

Thats all for today

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  1. don't you think DRIVE check in boosting hand card is an advantage for who goes for 2nd? XD