Thursday, September 29, 2011

High Speed Blacky

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I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we discuss High Speed Blacky.

High Speed Blacky is a Spike Brother's Grade 2 Unit with 9000 Power... with a rather interesting effect...

By Soul Blasting one, it can gain 5000 power for one turn, but returns to the deck at the end of the turn...

Which can be used regardless of your Vanguard, IE: It is a card that can be splashed into any deck.

As you've probably figured out, decks that need to conserve the soul for effects such as Soul Blast, Counter Soul Blast, or Power up cannot readily use this card, because they dont want to sacrifice the cards in your soul...

But what about decks such as Nova Grapplers, or 0 Soul Oracle Think Tank?

These such decks dont really utilize Soul quite as much, do they?

Whenever you ride, do you notice that for the most part, those cards will never come back?

Thats right. Effectively, every card that goes to the soul... is gone...

Its only matters how many cards are in the soul, not particularly what is there.

Thats where cards like Alfred Early and cards that can call cards from the soul(Pale Moon) really shine, because they make cards in the Soul matter.

Although High Speed Blacky's soul blast will cause you to lose not only one card on the field, but a card that can also be used for INTERCEPT, an ability that gives a bit more worth to Grade 2s on the Field.

However, when attacking as a rear guard, it becomes a 14000Power unit by itself, at next to zero cost.

In pushing in that last damage, along with boost, it becomes a unit that can easily break the 21000 Line, forcing additional guarding from the opponent, securing your win.

So, next time you're building your deck, think for a moment how your deck is utilizing Soul...

and if its not using it at all, take a moment to consider High Speed Blacky.

If your deck really has no need to be fully one clan, consider sticking in two or three High Speed Blacky, as it might just pay out.

Thats all for today.

This is Rauzes, signing out.
See you tommorow, right here on So Imba.

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