Sunday, September 25, 2011

Attack! Rear Guard!

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I am your host, Rauzes.

So, you're wondering whether to attack Rear guards, or the Vanguard...

It is a hard question, and most of the time, most people would gun down the enemy's Vanguard as soon as possible.

However, to be in control of the game as much as possible and have maximum advantage, it is important to home down on the enemy's rear guards as well.

The main reason is that if the hit gets through, the enemy will LOSE one card, as opposed to no card advantage lost for the Vanguard.

So, when should you attack Rear guards? When can you force advantage?

Lets take a look at numbers:

If you attack with a 10k guard against a Rear Guard, they will either have to lose: A 10k Shield, 2 5k Shields, or let the unit die, one card(if grade 2, a 5k Shield).

Obviously, when they have a ton of hand, they will be more willing to let their Rear Guards die, leaving your attack... kinda meaningless, especially because they have replacements.


If the enemy does NOT have a replacement, especially if you use Blaster Blade/Other target killing units before, the opponent will be more willing and desperate to protect the rear guards, because they need them to attack you on the next turn.

One of the easiest ways to see if they have no substitute for their Grade 2/3 Rear Guard is if they guard, at all, especially over 5k guard.

Remember, especially the 5k Guard.

Even if the enemy has a large hand, it does not necessarily mean they have the best balance of hand.

For all you know, they could all be grade 0s and 1s, unable to pack much of a threat.

For extra pressure to apply, try using cards that have effects that trigger when you HIT(not hit Vanguard), so the opponent has less reason to let your attacks through.

When the opponent has very little cards in hand, for instance after he called many to Rear Guard, its the best time to attack them down, as theres less things around to guard.

Therefore, if the opponent tries to all in, or plays out more than 3 cards in one turn, try to aim down their Rear Guards, as its highly unlikely they have more in their hand, or any guardians to call.

Thats all for today.


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