Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vanguard of Hope!

Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am Rauzes, and today, I'll be introducing my Majesty Lord Blaster build!

Blaster Blade is the White Vanguard, and Blaster Dark the Black Vanguard.

And Majesty Lord Blaster's power is to change despair into hope! The Vanguard of Hope!

I'll be sharing my Majesty Lord Blaster Build today, thanks to the high demand and my high win rate as of late.

Warning: The following deck cannot be played without a good understanding of timings to attack rear guards instead of the Vanguard. And of chance taking and planning.

Grade 3: 4
2 Soul Saviour Dragon
2 Majesty Lord Blaster

Grade 2: 11
4 Blaster Blade
3 Blaster Dark
2 Bedivere
2 Gallatin

Grade 1: 16
4 Maron the Little Sage
4 Pongal
4 Kei
2 Isolde the Flash Shield
1 Caron the Black Sage
1 Blaster Javelin

Grade 0: 19
3 Wingal Brave (FV)
3 Epona, Carrier of Good Luck
3 Alabaster Owl
4 Margal
2 Govanon, Weapons Salesman
4 Elaine, Maiden of the World Tree

Now, the secret to power isn't in the build

Its in the playing.

This deck utilizes a large number of 10000 power attackers as rear guards to tactically out maneuver the opponent.

Instead of attacking the vanguard only, use the early attacks, especially with blaster blade as vanguard boosted by Wingal Brave to bully rear guards, forcing either a drop in fighting power or a drop in ability to guard.

This lets you use both Wingal Braves ability to search as well as Pongal to pull your grade 3s

Soul Saviour Dragon isnt really used for the Holy Charging Roar, actually. The deck instead takes advantage of the 7k Boost becoming a 10k attacker as a mechanic to abuse. Some games may end with riding Soul Saviour, but the best advice I can give is to simply abandon all Majesty Lord Blaster tricks, and focus on beatdown, if that happens.

This deck runs a total of 8 Grade 1 10k attackers, Pongal and Kei.
Dont be afraid to call the soul saviours to rear guard, as they are a great size for attacking rear guards.

The lone Blaster Javelin is an interesting pick, as its used for boosting the Vanguard against Shadow Paladin builds, as well as searching out a boost with Wingal Brave.

And, in particularity bad hands, ride for grade 1, followed by Blaster Dark ride. 10k!

If you ride Majesty Lord, use your rear guards to constantly attack the rear guards, and use Majesty Lord only to attack the Vanguard.
The double critical at all turns is an extremely difficult thing to evade, so most players will guard it at full force every turn, unwilling to gamble.

Unless your rear guard has a critical up via critical trigger and will deal enough damage to defeat the opponent, AND has decently high power, dont waste the attack on the Vanguard.

Bedivere is used, in combo with Maron, but dont count on them coming together all too often. Instead use it to be able to attack 11k rear guards, which Galatin cannot. 4 Gallatin or 4 Bedivere instead of 2 of each is also an accepted build.

Thats all for today.

Any questions just ask in the comments below!


  1. I wouldn't mind a post about when to attack rear guards in general just as a standard guide post for players to learn to be a better fighter.

  2. Hello,
    If possible could you post an ideal Nova Grappler deck using English Released cards (basically just the 1st booster, and if any/at all(?) cards from the first two trial/half decks)

    It would be greatly appreciated thanks :D

  3. Just a question, why 3 Wingal Brave? I think it's too much considering he can be moved to the Rear Guard Circle via riding him.

  4. The 3 wingal brave are to accelerate the majesty lord blaster process, as well as providing a total of 8 "acceptable" boosts for Majesty Lord Blaster.
    Because I dont play any starcall trumpeter, I need to compensate by adding more wingal brave, to call in early game to search.

    They also compensate the higher draw count with their 10k shield.

  5. How can pongal be a 10k atk? It only has a 7k power without any additional effects expect to search put for soul saviour

  6. Excuse me. May I know of how exactly to play this deck properly? Losing terribly against my friends.

  7. Pongal to a 10k is by searching out a Soul Saviour Dragon, then calling it to rear guard as a 10k beatstic

    The way to play it properly is with experience. You have to attack rear guards quite a lot in order to reduce the opponents ability to guard, and then let only a few attacks of Majesty lord blaster contact for the win

  8. All right. I shall play more matches to get the Exp. Thanks for the advice

  9. Hi. Again I want to ask that plaing against MLB beatdown deck so could I counter him?

    1. It's quite easy: take damge from rear guards, and guard the vanguards attack. Continue to only attack the vanguard, and watch the opponents power lines for the rear guards.

  10. i really don't understand about that blaster javelin. u put that just because want to be boost on wingal brave?.. tough luck

    *kinda disagree with this build