Saturday, March 24, 2012

Despair to the Powerless! All the Glory to the Powerful!

bonjour tout le monde!

and Welcome to SO IMBA!!

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we have a beginner friendly post for people who wish to play Shadow Paladins.

Now, although they are very expensive, I highly reccomend players of any level to play Shadow Paladins.

Despite not having as large a card pool(Some clans get more cards in ONE SET than they have in total) as Royal Paladins, Kagerou, and even Oracle Think Tank and Nova Grappler, they are still a tier 1 deck, and they are so for a very good reason.

They are simple enough for beginners to get a hold of quickly, but also technical enough to become strong as your play style develops.

Lets start off with a sample decklist, shall we?

Grade 3: 7
Phantom Blaster Dragon 3
Phantom Blaster Overlord 3
Dark Mage Babth Cath 1

Grade 2: 10
Blaster Dark 2
Knight of Nullity Masquerade 4
Dark Maiden Maha 2
Skull Witch Nemain 2

Grade 1: 15
Caron the Black Sage 4
Dark Shield Ma Gril 3
Blaster Javelin 4
Nightmare Painter 2
Potion Witch Arianrohd 2

Grade 0: 18
1 Fullbau
1 Doom Bringer Demon
4 Grim Reaper
4 Death Feather Eagle
4 Abyss Freezer
4 Abyss Healer

This style of shadow paladin doesnt really need to think much with attacking, just focus on hammering down the vanguard.
With 8 Crit and 4 Draw, you have the best build for attacking in early game and applying pressure, while being able to follow up that pressure in the late stages of the game.
You dont really have to focus too much on attacking any rear guards, unless they happen to be Baromedes or something of the like that can stand and re-attack at 13k or more.

Now, the true face of Shadow Paladins comes with Phantom Blaster Overlord.
Not that he can activate a persona blast, or anything else, but rather the 13k Defense.

For those who are mildly experienced in Vanguard, you will know that 11k Defense is already very good... Let alone ANOTHER 2k power.

Unlike Dragonic Overlord THE END, Shadow Paladins have access to both an easy way to search out Phantom Blaster Dragon, as WELL as a way to send it to the soul if you had to ride phantom blaster overlord.

You can utilize Blaster Javelin to easily search out Phantom Blaster Dragon, and you can send it to the soul from the hand with Nightmare Painter.

Whats more is that Blaster Javelin, Nightmare Painter both can be searched out via Dark Maiden Maha, the true key card in the deck.

Shadow Paladin is a clan that focuses on achieving strong defensive power, whilst slowly being able to waste an opponent with their high crit rate.

Play shadow paladins patiently, and prioritize your deck thinning and defensive tactics over power pushes. Constantly attacking the opponents Vanguard will grant you victory, all in good time.

目を閉じるがいい。 目に見えるのは絶望だけだ。


Close your eyes. For all you will see is the blackness of despair..
Despair to the Powerless! All the Glory to the Powerful!

For I am darker than Evil itself!

*cue drastic lightning and scary organ music*


  1. Why are you playing doom bringer demon and not another copy of Phantom Blaster Overlord? I'm still a beginner but I'm pretty sure doom bringer demon is an awful card :P

  2. In the early game, doom bringer will speed up your reaching 13k status much faster, and achieving this defense in the early game is very significant.
    In the late game, it would mean you would draw into a 10k shield, instead of a Grade 3 which cannot be used to guard.

  3. 9k Grade 3
    Come Into Play effect: Superior Call the top card of your deck

  4. Is Babth Cath actually useful? I don't know how many times I've facepalmed myself because I drew him as my only grade 3 and had to ride him or used his ability to superior call a trigger off the top of my deck...

  5. Can you help me check this deck?

    4 x grim reaper
    4 x death feather
    4 x abyss healer
    4x abyss freezer
    4 x blaster javelin
    4 x charon
    3 x mac lit
    2 x nightmare painter
    2 x nemain
    3 x rugos
    3x blaster dark
    4 x masquerade
    4 x Pbd
    4 x pbo