Thursday, March 22, 2012

Legend of the Seven Beast Armors


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I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we discuss the gold paladin's backstory!

So, as most people whom cannot read Japanese do not know, with every "card of the day", comes a piece of Planet Cray's story!

Piecing these together, we can form the back story of the Gold Paladins.

So, as you may or may not know, this is what happened until the birth of the gold paladins:

Royal Paladins, under Alfred, rule the United sanctuary.
Phantom Blaster Dragon gets corrupted, and converts knights fallen from grace into the shadow paladins.
Shadow and Royal Paladins fight.

Phantom Blaster Dragon manages to defeat the greatest source of hope of all United Sanctuary (Highly implied to be Alfred), and hence, unleashes all the despair hidden in the united sanctuary, and devours that power, becoming Phantom Blaster Overlord.

Blaster Blade, seeing the loss of his dear friend, loses his courage. Blaster Blade(the sword) has no more power, and he falls to despair.
Blaster Dark, seeing Phantom Blaster Overlord in a rampage, gives Blaster Blade his sword(the sword which turns Resolve to power), and conducts a heroic sacrifice.
Blaster Blade, swearing to not let another life be lost, breaks Blaster Dark's sword with the Blaster Blade, awakening the true power of the twin blades(omg title drop!).

With both Courage and Resolve, Blaster Blade(the sword, stop getting them confused), now changes Despair into Hope

He then rises as "Majesty Lord Blaster", gives a grand speech, and re-unites the shadow and royal Paladins.

Then, MLB and PBO enter an epic battle, and eventually Draconic Overlord THE END wins(no, there is no mention why the hell he's here in the first place. )

HOWEVER, as a result of all the despair escaping due to PBO's defeat, The Royal Paladins and Shadow Paladins(now as one), were (almost) all sealed away!
Kagerous got caught up in this sealing, and hence were also sealed away.

Most of the more powerful knights of both sides were sealed away, leaving only the ones fighting in the outsides of the battle, and the younger recruits behind.

These young heroes, from both sides, put aside their differences and swore to undo the seal on the holy knights of the kingdom, to unseal the royal paladins.

To do so, they set forth, uniting under the banner of "Gold Paladin", they search for the seven holy beast king armors, whoes power together can unseal their friends and bring hope to the kingdom!

Of the seven holy beast king armors, they have thus far found TWO before starting their grand journey:

1: The Armor of the Ruby Lion - Worn by Rugan (Copies worn by Kilf, Borman, Gareth)
2: The Armor of the Silver Wolf - Worn by Garmall (Copies of the armor worn by Sagramall, )

From the story, the Holy Beast King Armors seem to be some kind of power armor, and the gold paladins have reverse-engineered copies of the armor to almost 100% as powerful, and copies are worn by other members of the clan. Through science-magic, these armors are somewhat sentient, with the real armors being fully sentient
These armors will change to how their wearer best needs their armor, and will grow(in cases such as Sagramall) with their wearer
With other holy beast armors nearby, their power vastly increases

But a lot of questions are still unanswered:
Will unsealing the Royal Paladins also unleash the sealed despair?
Who IS The Burning Lion, Brondeizel?
Are the seven holy beast armors actually plotting AGAINST the Gold Paladins, to unleash something worse upon the planet Cray?

But, we shall wait and see what the future has in store.

Gold Paladin! STAND UP!


  1. Love the story :D but can i ask did u make it up or its official ones? o.O

    1. "So, as most people whom cannot read Japanese do not know, with every "card of the day", comes a piece of Planet Cray's story!

      Piecing these together, we can form the back story of the Gold Paladins."

      sorry I dont have enough imagination to waste on making such a grand story

  2. Where the heck did Dragonic Overlord THE END come from? And why did he join in the fight? Weird dragon just wants to pick a fight with them XD

    1. When anybody finds out
      let me know

      Id very much love to know as well


      DragonicOverlord seeing the war decided to
      put on the cursed armor that will shorten the
      wearer's life to gain enough power to stop this

    3. Err no he didnt get any armor. But yes sacrifice life to evolve bit is true.
      He turned his own life into power to fight against MLB and PBO.

      And he joined the fight because he was looking for such a fight all his life.


    4. W/E, it doesn't really matter, the storyline is kinda silly anyway.