Monday, March 26, 2012

The Burning Lion

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I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we discuss The Burning Lion, Brondeizel

Aichi's new key unit, Brondeizel looks pretty crazy broken at first, but is he really that good?

First, he has some pretty overpowered support in the form of Kilf, the starter vanguard.
Gilf allows the superior ride without cost, so long as you ride Borman, and have Gareth at the rear guard.

For starters, no cost.
After riding to G1, Kilf will call itself to the rear guard.

Most superior ride decks will be able to get off their superior rides at about 50% success rate, by running maximum of all the parts.

Gold Paladins need only TWO of these parts, as the first part will always be on your field.
Borman is going to be a mainstay in the deck, as he is the 10k Vanilla, so you will be running 4 of them at any rate.

Kilf is crazy strong.

Brondeizel, however, is less so. Good, but not ridiculously overpowered.
First off is his attacking power.
Now, with 5 rear guards, it is 5k power, quite balanced for a 10k Power attacker, simply being able to take down Majesty Lord Blaster and PBO/THE END.
With Garmall already in town, theyre not too different.

However, his second ability, the limit break, is to counter blast 2 to superior call the top card of your deck as a rear guard, and add the power to himself.

This is very powerful, except:
This ability has to be used to call to an EMPTY rear guard circle.
If you are staring down a Brondeizel, the best thing to do is to constantly attack their Vanguard, as they are 10k on the Defense.

Additionally, Brondeizel can add power to itself, but Gold Paladins are a clan that specializes in using counter blast to power up their own units. You will be getting this ability off only once a game, due to either: Too many rear guards or Too Little Counter Blast.
The Slaygal series has to have 4 or more rear guards in order to activate their abilities, and as such will be eating up your rear guard slots more often than not.

So, all in all, Brondeizel isnt all THAT ridiculously overpowered, only his superior ride is.

If I were to play Gold Paladins, I would play either Garmall based for the swarm speed, or Ren's Gold Paladins.

However, this is what Brondeizel based Gold Paladins will look like as of set 6:

2 The Burning Lion Brondeizel
3 The Great Silver Wolf Garmall
3 Storm of the Battlefeild Sagremor

4 Knight of Divine Style Borman
3 Slaygal - Sword
3 Guardian Beast Nemealion

4 Knight of Perfect Style Gareth
3 Shield of Halo Mark
4 Slaygal - Dagger
2 Whirlwind of the Cliffs Sagremor
1 Silver Fang Witch
1 Chargegal

The Crimson Cub Kilf
4 Silent Punisher(CRIT)
4 Flame of Victory(CRIT)
4 Guidion the Weapons Salesman(DRAW)
4 Elixir Somelier(HEAL)

So yes, just a bunch of units that have high attacking power with some Garmall to help with Rush speeds.


  1. They should really make cards that unflip damage for Gold Paladins, an clan which needs counterblasting for plus attack. The only clan that unflips damage is Nova Grappler and Murakumo.