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Hello everyone, and welcome back to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and I'm here to teach you all about Team Fight.

Apparently the anime has made team fights ridiculously popular... without explaining how to organize one...

So thats where I come in.

In organizing Vanguard Team fights, things get a bit more complex than just throwing people into pits to have fights.

First, each team functions as a single player. Regardless if they won 2-1, or 2-0, or lost, they will only score points based on their win/loss. Each player does not have a score, only the team. These points decide who goes up against who and in which table number, so winning 2-1 doesnt really help.

Second, only one fight is going on per table number at once. That means that the first fight finishes before the second player on each team goes up. This puts pressure on the second and third pressure and affects their risk taking. The team that is one loss away from dropping out cannot take many risks, where the team that is one win up can take a bunch of risks and hopefully score a win through double critical triggering, etc.

The order in which players go up are pre determined. This means, before the tournament, each team must submit the team members, and which order they will be playing in in each round.
There are a few ways of approaching this. I'll just share the ones I know.

The I'm-Too-Lazy
Every round 3 players play in the same order. 1st seat 2nd seat 3rd seat same players all rounds.
This has the advantage of being easiest, but the disadvantage of telling your opponents exactly what kind of deck they are up against before the fight. Not something you want to do so often.

Strongest player goes 1st, followed by the second strongest. 3rd person go warm bench.
2-0's every round. Fastest, most brutal, and most effective in getting easiest wins.
Most rewarding to the strong players. Needs 2 Very good players(Kai, Kamui) and 2 less so players.(Misaki, Aichi).
This is what Q4 used at their 1st regionals.

The Let-There-Be-A-Sacrificial-Lamb
Send the weakest player first. Then the strongest will be 2nd, followed by the second best.
This way you seal your win for 2nd round, and a possible win in the first round. If your first person loses, you lose nothing.
The 2nd and 3rd seat can also swap if they are of equal strength. This disallows the opponent to know what deck they are going up against 2nd/3rd.
The disadvantage is that the 2nd place CANNOT LOSE. AT ALL. Pick someone beyond strong. Someone like Kai, Ren, Tetsu, or Rauzes.(LOL Dont pick me plz)
This allows team building out of 4 people: 2 good, 2 less so. The weaker 2 would rotate each round to allow both equal time in the fights.

The I-Roll-Dice
Each of the players rolls dice to determine the place they go for each round.
Most random of orders, and hence has the least disadvantages, but also least advantages.
This is also allows for 4 people teams.

The I'm-With-Stupid-And-Also-With-Stupider
One good player and two bad ones.
Bad players are seat 1 and 2. If only one of them wins, the 3rd player gets to fight. The 3rd player is very strong, and hence will secure game(especially if against tactics that hide the weakest player for last).
Good for training people in the tournament scene. Bad because prone to losing 0-2 in the first two fights. Therefore, good people who arent so keen on winning will be the ones who benefit truly from this style of team.

Once you get the people fighting, one from each team fight at the same time, until one team wins.

The final and most important point is teams deck pool.

There again, a few choice as to what is permitted. I will share with you the ones used by official Vanguard tournaments in Japan.
Your friendly tournament organizer will notify you in advance which rules the tournament is running.

The first and most common is the "All players Different Clan" Rule.
In this rule, ALL players must use ONLY ONE clan in their deck. No mixing in cards from other clans at all. Also, Each team can only have ONE of each clan. IE: No 2 Kagerou decks in the same team.
One spin-off of this rule is the same, with ONE exception: A Royal Paladin deck which runs a Royal Paladin starter MAY use up to 5(FIVE, and only five), Shadow Paladin cards. This rules allows Majesty Lord Blaster decks that use a Royal Paladin base.

There are two variants of this rule: The "Everyone Under the same clan", and the "Each team has one cardpool"

The "Everyone under the same clan" is a exception that WILL BE SPECIFIED BY THE TOURNAMENT. If this is allowed, the team may form and join with all players playing the SAME CLAN. However, this is not recommended, mainly because it gives away what you are playing before you actually play.

The "Each Team has one card pool" is again an exception that will be specified. The only rule in deck building is that each team, in total, may only have FOUR of the same card amongst them. i.e., if there are 2 Royal Paladin players, They only have 4 Baromedes, 4 Epona, etc, between them. If one chooses to run one, the other cannot run 4. Even worse is that Heal Triggers and other triggers are included. If one player runs 4 heal, the other players cannot.

Though this does allow your team to play more than one of the same clan, it isnt really recommended to do so, because of the SEVERELY limited cardpool it results in.
Thus far, no tournament using this rules has seen players take advantage of this.(err, other than it being a RIDICULOUSLY STUPID IDEA, its a REALLY STUPID IDEA TO DO SO)

Another rule that was newly introduced is the "Starter Must Be Different" Rule.
Now, this allows the teams to play more than one of each clan, with the rule that each starter vanguard must be different.
This means only one player can play Conroe(meaning only one Kagerou player), but if you choose to, you can also play Amber Dragon starter, a 2nd Kagerou(why, I'd love to know. Its stupid to do.)
This limits the deck styles, as each team will have a different deck style each game.

The "All Players Different Clan" and "Each Player Different Starter" are the most common styles. Usually tournaments will be one of these two.
Do ask your tournament organizer to read this post, and give you the specifics as to the team fights.

And finally, team members.
The team can be of two to four members.
Two isnt recommended because one loss results in a drop out.
Four isnt recommended but is possible, because not everyone plays every round.
Remember, each team fight is only 3 games.

One team member is the "Leader". He/She will handle the teams sign up, prize giving, and distribution. Just pick the only person with common sense to do this.

Pick a cool name for your team, and lets Vanguard Fight!

Join forces and fight to victory!



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