Monday, February 27, 2012


Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am Rauzes, and today, we discuss BERMUDA TRIANGLE!

So, I hear you like Mermaids.

Before I start going on about how ridiculously stupid liking anime mermaids and idols is, lets jump over how weird going mad over them combined are, and jump right into playing them as a clan, shall we?

First off, Bermuda Triangle, despite only having 35 Cards, has a surprisingly large number of builds... already!

They were designed very well as a clan from the beginning, showing a grand total of FIVE different possible builds!

Today, we will go over generally each of these builds, and what they can and cannot use, and what trigger balance they should use.

The first off is your most basic of basic builds, the power beatdown rush.
This uses the most basic of cards, simply aiming for high power in the early game, and criticals to gain advantage over the opponent as soon as possible.

4 Top Idol Pacifica, 4 Super Idol Seram
3 Top Idol Aqua, 3 Mermaid Idol Flyut, 2 Izumi the Passing Sea's Songstress, 2 Clare the Coral's Snow White
4 Mermaid Idol Sedona, 3 Mermaid Idol Ellie, 2 Navy Dolphin Amurl, 2 Turquoise Blue Telenia, 4 Water Surface Prism Miltoa
8 Critical, 4 Draw, 4 Heal(or 6 Draw/2 Heal)
Bermuda Triangle Recruit, Shizuku (FV)

Absolutely nothing special here.
In fact, there is a grand total of THREE unique cards in the deck.
In other words: Your deck money is better spent elsewhere.


Grade 3 Refresh Bermuda

4 Velvet Voice Reindeer, 3 Top Idol Flores, 2 Rainbow Light Kyarin
3 Girls Rock Rio, 4 Top Idol Aqua, 3 Interior Idol Merbil
3 Mermaid Idol Sedona, 3 Blazer Pleasures, 4 Mermaid Idol Faluka, 3 Mermaid Idol Ellie, 2 Navy Dolphin Amrul
8 Stand, 4 Critical, 4 Heal
Bermuda Triangle Recruit Weddel(FV)

Something unique, this deck uses the power effect of Velvet Voice Reindeer and Merbil to bounce and superior call during the battle to refresh a CIP effect, stand a unit, or to outright change up the formation.

Similar to Goku Blade of Kagerou.


4 Top Idol Rivael, 4 Super Idol Seram
2 Mermaid Idol Flyut, 4 Top Idol Aqua, 4 Super Idol Rivael
4 Memaid Idol Rivael, 4 Mermaid Idol Sedona, 3 Mermaid Idol Ellie, 4 Water Surface's Prism, Miltoa
8 Critical, 4 Draw, 4 Heal
Bermuda Triangle Recruit Rivael(FV)

For people with Psyqualia and like to spam perfect ride
This deck utilizes Rivael's persona blast in conjunction with the high critical rate in order to force a high guard, and outright forcing the opponent to go into the defensive.
Using Rivael's perfect ride ability, maintaining fighting force is absolutely no problem.


Bermuda Princess Lena CIP Build

4 Bermuda Princess Lena, 4 Top Idol Flores
3 Super Idol Flyut, 3 Girls Rock Rio, 4 Pearl Sisters Perula
3 Mermaid Idol Sedona, 3 Mermaid Idol Ellie, 2 Pearl Sisters Perulu, 3 Mermaid Idol Faluka, 2 Turquoise Blue Telenia, 2 Blazer Pleasures
6 Draw, 6 Critical, 4 Heal
Bermuda Triangle Recruit Weddel (FV)

A simple build that focuses on bouncing your own units for effects, or to re-use their CIP effects.


Pacifica Self Bounce Style
To utilize the free soul charge from Pacifica, save counter blast for Pacifica Megablast, but use the soul freely by having many soul charge engines.

4 Top Idol Pacifica, 4 Top Idol Flores
4 Pearl Sisters Perula, 4 Top Idol Aqua, 2 Snow White of the Corals Clare
4 Mermaid Idol Faluka, 3 Mermaid Idol Ellie, 3 Pearl Sisters Peruru, 3 Mermaid Idol Sedona, 2 Blazer Pleasures
4 Stand, 4 Draw, 4 Crit, 4 Heal
1 Bermuda Triangle Recruit Weddel(FV)

And these, ladies and gentlemen, are your five builds for Bermuda Triangle.

Lots of useless cards in the EB?

Yes, yes there are.

Rauzes out. Imma get some sleep.


  1. D: so bermuda triangles are bad?

    1. Not really.. They are quite strong if played correctly but they have different deck building options..

  2. If you Play Using Bermuda Your Hand Will be More than your enemy :D and Bermuda is Very Good