Thursday, February 2, 2012

Break-Down Death Breath!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we learn how to use No Life King Death Anchor!

So No Life King Death Anchor has one main effect:
By moving five units from the damage zone to the soul, it can gain 10000 Power and 1 Critical for one attack.
Followed by this, it will send the top 5 cards of your deck to the damage zone.

The activation is very similar to a Megablast: to use 5 open damage as cost... meaning that you cannot use any other counterblast mechanisms in the deck.(other than megablast)

This also helps Amon's effect by adding a whole 5 more cards to the soul... rather large!

Therefore, the deck will try to utilize these both, so the grade 3 units will be No Life King, Amon, and Steil Vampir

However, the deck still lacks soul Charge acceleration. Just using No Life King's one soul per turn... just isnt enough!

Like all dark Irregulars, the deck needs more and more soul, as soon as possible. You will want the 11k Defense, 8 or more soul, as soon as you can.

So most of the grade 2 units will be for attacking, but also for soul charging, cards like Blue Dust and Darksoul Conductor.

The Grade 1 Lineup should utilize powerful units, as well as soul charge acceleration in the form of Alluring Succubus.

So this is what our deck will look like:

G3 8
3 No Life King Death Anchor
3 Amon
2 Steil Vampir

G2 10
3 Dark Soul Conductor
4 Amon
3 Blue Dust

G1 15
3 March Rabbit (Null Guard)
4 Alluring Succubus
3 Amon
3 Doreen The Thruster
2 Devil Child

Now, we reach the triggers.
You have two builds for this deck: The Doreen Burst, which will use Draw Triggers and have alternative win condition of Amon, or the Super Stand, which will use Stand Triggers, and pull a No Life King Death Anchor's 13k + Boost attack against a very weak Vanguard thanks to Stil Vampir as the win condition.

Now, pushing damage to 5 with No Life King should be no problem thanks to BOTH Death King and Amon, but critical triggers are always a happy sight to see.

For the doreen Burst, for people who like Doreen or Amon, use 4 Draw, 4 Crit, 4 Heal and 4 Stand. But for players who like Stil Vampir, play 8 Stand, 4 Crit, 2 Heal, and 2 Draw.

While playing less Heals might seem a bit dangerous, Dark Irregulars has high attacking power, and your aim is to punish your opponent as much as possible in early game, so your late game attacking power being high will serve to the best purpose.

And last, but not least, start the game with Vermillion Gatekeeper.

May our lord's nights be long, and our opponent's days be short!

ノーライフキング ・ デスアンカー!!
Lead us Dark Irregulars to Victory, No Life King Death Anchor!!

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  1. Just thought I might suggest decadent succubus for grade 2. Decent soul charge effect, usually putting the soul at around 5-8 before even getting to grade 3 if played right.