Sunday, February 19, 2012

Murakumo FTW

So today I top 4'd with Murakumo.

Shows how little card power matters compared to ability.

Just some thoughts:

Murakumo's true strength lies their strong attackers, despite weak boost.

Much like Kagerou and Tachikaze.

After playing Murakumo, I dont really see the use of counter blast Kagebunshin so much, but Midnight crow is still handy.

I have to say I've taken a different perspective at MUSASHI and the Arresters.

the Arresters, if you have both, become 11k in both your turn as well as the opponents.
IE: a free 11k attacker!

Although Murakumo cant build high power lines, their high power of units in the front row is what carries the deck through control.

Hence, Zanbaku, Bloody Mist, etc are extremely important.

Million Rat, as always, an awesome draw.

MUSASHI is a card I'd like to bring up to people.
Its condition is incredibly easy to meet, with shadow images helping you fulfil the condition

But also that its the only rear guard that can reach 20k.

With a control-esque rear guard whacking deck like Murakumo, reducing the number of rear guards is no problem.

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  1. Can you put a decklist based on this Murakumo clan you have upgrade it?