Sunday, June 10, 2012

Deck Not keeping up...

Yeah so recently Im being steamrolled over several times per day.

I really felt like my deck wasnt keeping up with me.

But maybe, It was me who was unable to answer to my cards.


  1. mm what clan are you playing mate?

  2. There are just those days that your luck is in the bad side. Like for me, during a tournament, I had 3 crit triggers, 1 heal trigger and 1 draw trigger in hand after i mulled

  3. I'm wondering what clan your running as well. In my opinion, certain clans have certain luck factors involved, so some are pretty good with it, others are bad. Maybe its time to go back to the drawing board and test test test.

  4. i think he posted somewhere about him making top 4 with murakumo, so thats my guess