Saturday, June 16, 2012

15k Defense

Hello everyone, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing Agravain's Megablast.

Yeah. That card that you took one look as and threw away as because its a Junk Rare.

"CONT [V]: This unit gets Power +1000 for each of your «Gold Paladin» rear-guards"."

This is the most important part of Agravain's effect that I would like to call attention to.

Notice that it does not have the words "On your turn", like Blonde Eizel does.

People call Agravain a "Watered Down Blonde Eizel", but I dont think so.

With its effect off, Agravain goes from a 10k squishy to a 15k Defense monstrosity.

Let me put that into perspective for you.
With 15k Defense, every attack that is not more than 20k Power can be shrugged off with a 5k Guard.

What used to be supposed to kill you: Burning Horn + Bahrs, Baromedes + Kei, Sagramore + Gareth...

Becomes just big enough to become a routine attacker.

Now, the problem lies with getting up that 8 Soul.

Gold Paladins dont have such wonderful soul charge support. The best they have is Coongal and Agravain himself.

But, actually Gold Paladins have an unseen form of Soul Charge.

Crimison Cub, Kryph, has an effect similar to Llew in Royal Paladins. By sending certain units to the soul, you can superior ride, given certain conditions.

However, both are worded in such a way that you can, in fact, use the effect knowing full well you will be not superior riding.

Now, this would normally represent a loss in card advantage, just sending 2 cards to the soul, but with Agravain, you must realize that...
Once you have activated the Vendetta Berserk, every attack's saves you 1 card.

Thus, the faster you achieve the megablast, you can shrug off everything with no problem.

Yes, you lose 2 cards. But, this represents a 2 turn faster megablast, a 2 turn faster 15k defense, and... given they attack with 3 units, saving 3 * 5k * 2 turns. A whooping 30k worth of cards.

Re-riding Agravain just for the extra soul is another choice.

I hope you now see the worth in Agravain. 17k on the attack and 15k on the defense is crazy enough. A double crit simply means you can dedicate part of the deck/your play to stand style stalling.


  1. I always have this negative perspective on megablasters, but they are there for a reason, and now I'm interested in making an Agravain deck.

    Im thinking that because its for megablasting, I can't use Ezel or Garmore because they counterblast. so good enough alternates should be used like Manawydan. I'm thinking also just adding 2-3 Coongals, just add to the soul.

  2. yes, the only card that can reack 15k on its own, but the problem here is that most GP needs counterblasts, so its kinda hard to pull off

  3. Then play without using your counterblast. Simple.

  4. rauzes, if you return to ygo, will you quit vanguard??

    1. nope. Vanguard is balanced, better designed, and much more player friendly. More casual.
      Yugioh rewards the best deck, not the best player. The only fun I found with YGO was deck design. If I ever start back yugioh, Ill still play VG because its easier to maintain with other card games than YGO.

    2. That's really true.
      In YGO, if u don't play meta, chances are your deck can never stand up to meta decks, cos good cards get banned quickly.
      But in VG, no deck ever really leaves the meta. Since day 1, i've never seen anyone throw away an Alfred, and there are still Alfred, SSD and Garmore RP builds.
      So Vanguard: Easier on your wallet, and more casual. DOUBLE WIN

    3. Very true. I started playing Vanguard after quiting YGO and found it better than YGO. Vanguard actually allows us to fight using our skill not our wallets.

  5. But i thought Agravain eff of 1k for each GP lasts until the turn u megablast?

    1. No. It lasts until the end of the game. It's on the card.

  6. rauzes,i know this question kinda not connected to ur vanguard blog but do you know where blog that contains similar like yours but about weiss schwarz? lol
    i'm following your blog since bt04 launch just want to take a new TCG atmosphere haha :)

  7. hmmm, what about superior riding ezel? that would give 5 soul, with only 3 turns till megablast, and thats without consuming CB at all

  8. Flame of Victory. Crit trigger that gives +3k when put into the soul from the rearguard.