Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back to Basics

Hello All, and welcome to SO IMBA!,

Where we learn how to be a better card fighter.

I am your host, Rauzes, and today, we will be discussing Fundamentals.


People act as if the game of Cardfight Vanguard is a complex and difficult game, which is why some people who know how to play win, and some who dont play well dont.

Its not.

Repeat after me.

It. Is. Easy.

In games such as Magic the Gathering and Yugioh, where things happen left and right and you dont know whats going on, yes, it is quite complex.

However, the Beauty of Vanguard is its simplicity.
Seriously. A game where you only can RIDE and CALL, is it that hard?

I'd like to liken Vanguard to Basketball.

Simply put, strong players are only strong because they have their Fundamentals down, and use them.

Unlike a game such as MTG, In Vanguard, you can go and probably will grow from Rank F to Rank B+ Entirely on the basics of the game!

So, take a good moment to go back to the basics.

Guarding properly, Power Lines, Riding properly, and proper placing of triggers.

Try going back to the basics for a while. Throw away all your fancy plays and tricks, because these dont win.

Power lines, Guarding, Riding, Trigger Checks.

Focus on knowing your matchup.
If youre facing a 10/11k Clan, make 20k lines and dont plop out so many weak boost units.

If youre facing a MLB, Make 17k lines as constant as possible.

If youre facing a DOTE or PBO, make 18k lines as constant. Save your 11k Attackers for the Function 7k boost. Put 10k in front of 8k.
Easy things, simple things.

Think about how much damage you have.
Guard with as little as possible hand each turn, but also to minimize the amount of damage you take.

Dont ride a 8k G2, Dont ride a 10k when the opponent has 3 20k lines, etc.

People, simple stuff like this wins games.
Simple stuff like this makes the difference between a player who only lucks out his wins and one who can trample everyone.

Basics. Review them.


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