Saturday, December 10, 2011

English Vanguard World Tournament

Quickie Post today.

For those readers out there who are playing the english version, you guys know that


For english version only.

So, the top contenders in this format, because only the 1st pack will be released, are:

King of Knights Royal Paladin:
The Stablity and power that come with Alfred with Barcgal. Need we say more?
The trick to building right is playing in 3 or more Bors.
Alternatively: 4 KOK, 2 Gancelot, 2 Bors.

This build of Kagerou has both the 11k Power Grade 3 Vanguard, as well as a very powerful Vanguard unit: Goku.
All you need are 2-3 Barri, and 1 Conroe. Need we say more?
The trick is playing out overlord in Vanguard circle, and bombing and attacking Marron.
The secret: Use Tejas. No Marrons means no Marron + Bors = Dead Overlord

Nova Grapplers:
Unstable, but strong as heck.
Their Grade 3 Vanguard unit, Asura Kaiser... Ho.Lee.Schitt.
11k AND Vanguard specific abilities?

Not to mention Genocide Jack: Totally broken as of Box 1 Meta.
Scratch that.
Totally broken.

Thats all for today.


  1. Hello, Rauzes.

    This is Siulzen from Pojo.

    I must say that I'm quite fond of Vanguard, especially after having read your blog.

    Though I have yet to see an actual Cardfight in action beyond the anime, so I was wondering if it was possible for you to record one just to see how an actual competitive game of Vanguard plays out. A video example of what you're teaching would only help the viewers understand these concepts more.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Good day! BlackwingEX following your SO IMBA CFV blog! nice blog you have, hope you can keep us informed with regular updates :D

    Would like to know if you may recommend an online store wherein we at the Philippines can purchase English Cardfight! Vanguard singles/boxes with shipping that are reasonably priced

    thank you :D

  3. Whai no post for so long? D: