Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nociel GB8 Atatron-Surgery Loop

This article is about the Nociel deck that aims to perform the surgery-atatron combo with gb8.

G3 Nociel 4
G2 Nociel 4, Nurse of Broken Heart 4, Atatron 4, Sariel 2.
G1 Nociel 4, Remnon (Rescue PG) 4, Nakir (Stride Cost) 4, Earth Elemental Connel 2, Light Element Honoly 1
G0: FV Thermometer Angel, 12 Stand: 4 Nociel, 4 Surgery, 1 Refros, 3 High Trebel Angel, 4 Heals
GZone: Raphael (heal) 4, 2 Nociel G4, 2 Gavrail G4, 1 Uriel (on hit), 1 Seabreeze, 1 GB8 Belator Terminal.
GGuards: 2 Suriel, 1 Dizmel, 2 Eleleth

In terms of winning, this deck basically wants to win with the GB8-Atatron-Surgery Loop.

Front row: Atatron, with Surgery behind Atatron. Other front row: Anything with surgery as boost.
Connel is for Nightrose, Gear who will destroy your units while attacking. Connel doesnt work against kagero so give up.
GB8 is there to get to the 1 deck size you need to form the atatron loop.
Damage Zone: 1 Surgery Angel.

Attack with your V, giving all triggers to Atatron, and use GB8 to rescue check down to exactly 4 cards in deck (3 for drive check, 1 for the combo.)

This ideally gives you 5 open damage
The loop goes:
With exactly 1 card in deck, attack with atatron boosted by surgery angel (plus trigger power)
After battle, cb1, return surgery to deck.
Rescue check, dropping surgery angel from damage to drop zone. Take 1 damage.
If its not surgery angel, then surgery angel is the 1 card remaining in deck.
Atatron revive the surgery angel from drop zone.
Attack with other row, cb1 to drop the non surgery angel, return surgery to deck, rescue check 1(since both cards are surgery angel, its a 100% to get a stand trigger).
Stand Atatron + power.
Attack with atatron. Use surgery skill. CB1, rescue check drop a surgery angel, return surgery angel to deck and get a 100% stand chance.
Use Atatron to revive surgery angel.

Repeat until opponent is dead (or out of cb).
Because of GB8, atatron not only has a lot of power, but also all of your cb is open for this combo when you go to execute it.

This creates an average of about 10 attacks.
Note that using Gavrail G4 instead of bellator terminal is also an option, but it requires you to have exactly 6 cards in deck for execution turn, as opposed to up to 8 cards for Bellator Terminal. Also does not garuntee you full face up.

To bring the game to this point of 1) Having enough cards 2) Not being dead 3) Thinning deck 4) While maintaining CB, the only engine strong enough to do so is the Nociel Engine.
In the current meta, Bladewings, ZTB, and Genesis are running around. However, these decks are unable to break through Nurse of Broken Heart because they dont have much removal.

For bladewings they only really have Shaharot as removal for Broken heart, which takes up a full turn for them. That being said their other options of victory are limited, as asassin + demagogue turns are quite easily shut down by broken heart + nociel. Thus, its easy to bring the game to a gb8 point against them.
For Nubatama, they can remove it with Magentenbu, but this is why we play Connel, to force them to waste turns breaking through connel first before being able to pass through broken heart.

Against nightrose, while they are able to break through Broken heart and do multiple attacks, their attack count is limited by having to burn broken hearts (plus connels) first, before getting through. This, combined with Raphael's heals will give you a good amount of time to set up your combo.

Against genesis, get up Honoly + Broken Heart by searching them up with Sariel and Nociel G4, which makes it almost impossible for genesis to win.

VS Kagero: Your entire finisher gets shut down by Denial Griffon. DENIED.

For the game plan, you want to start farming cards as soon as you can so get up to g3 nociel and control your damage. Through this you should be drowning in card advantage. there is no particular need to take first stride.

Nociel G4 allows you to call face down units as well so take good advantage of that and your cb to set up your field.
2nd and 3rd stride are either gavrail to thin deck, or Raphael to buy more time.
The speed you are looking for is:
Nociel G4, (+/- G Guard Persona) ,; Gavrail G4 ,(+ G GUard Persona ), GB8 Execute.

This deck uses Gavrail as both a multiple attacker as well as "drive check 5" card to thin the deck. Be sure to never forget her.
Raphael and Refros combos allow you to easily manipulate your damage zone to set up your gb8 turn. Throw things into the damage zone followed by using nociels to retrieve them
Raphael is also incredibly strong in a deck whoes game plan revolves around getting to gb8

GB8 turn calls for 8 OR LESS cards in the deck when you stride. If you have less than 8 and more than 4, the combo still works but with less atatron pump.
Use G1 Nociels and Suriels to get to that "exactly 8" number on the turn before you gb8

To perform the loop, you require 3 surgery angels (1 in deck, 1 field, 1 damage is the loop). Therefore, the second you discard or heal two surgery angels, your game plan falls apart. Keep this in mind.
Be sure not to be too hasty in using your surgery angels to push on your first stride turns, as you dont want a situation where surgery angels are nowhere to be seen when you need to gb8

Its not an easy deck to play but it can easily run over opponents in both combo as well as deck power and advantage while maintaining good control over the game with both your threat of gb8 combined with your endless advantage.

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